24 thoughts on “What a boob!

  1. The one and only time i did it i got caught. *sigh* You shouldn’t pad your bra if you’re going to have to take it off later at the pool. D’oh!


  2. Hee hee. Pretty funny. I recently got an email from an old friend, in which she lamented that we (as a society, I presume) don’t call people “boob” often enough. She thought it was time to ressurect the use of “boob” as an insult. It’s a valid point, I think.


  3. Ohhh very very funny.

    Unfortunately….Ive never had to pad. I did have a breast reduction though…..and was pissed because the doctor would not go smaller. Never understood why anyone would want huge boobs. Or more PC a huge bosom.


  4. I was wondering what happened with the rice!!

    I once padded with socks but am now the best endowed of my sibs (sorry, ladyFi). the thought of sirPe padding out with tissues certainly made me laugh!!


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