Meet my six-year-old!

My boy turned six over the weekend, so I thought it was about time you met him properly because I’m sure he’s going to bring a smile to your face.


He has huge, round brown eyes that can just melt your heart. He uses them to great effect when he has just done something mischievous – like stealing a bit of cake or running off with my slippers or socks.

They are happy brown eyes that greet you with happiness every morning. And every time he sees you. He might run up to you and ask for a cuddle or give you a sloppy kiss.

Mainly those eyes twinkle with mischief. They dance when he plays ball with you. Or just when he runs for the sake of running. He’s as fast as the wind and once he has decided to have a frolic, then his selective hearing kicks into action. No amount of shouting or bribery will get him back until he’s good and ready.

In the summer, he shoots off down to the water for a swim. (I know, I know – he’s only six! But he really is a good swimmer, so there’s no need to worry…)


He loves his food, but doesn’t have an ounce of extra fat on him. He’s lean and playful and full of energy. Even at six in the morning.

He has been known to run off to the neighbours’ compost heap and eat the food they put out there for the birds!

And there’s nothing he loves more than sitting on my lap for a scratch and a cuddle.

Meet my six-year-old…

… Oscar …



And just in case you’re wondering, he’s a working golden retriever with a deep golden-red coat.

But watch out!


He might run off with your hat when he meets you!

18 thoughts on “Meet my six-year-old!

  1. haha I totally bought it at first and was shocked that somehow I missed the fact that you had a young child.

    He sure is a handsome guy! I love the pic with the hat


  2. Er.. um… I have TWO young kids! One is 5.5 years old and the other is 7!! (I usually refer to them as anklebiter 1 and 2!)


  3. Oh what a sweetheart! I love Goldens…if we were going to have a retriever again after old Heidi mamma, I think it would be a golden instead of a lab…the hair is better. You should bring Oscar to Norway so he can meet my lovely ladies…I’m sure he would have a great time with them and they will flirt and flirt with him! Hope he had a great birthday- did you make him a cake or anything??


  4. I had a moment’s panic that I had forgotten my nephew’s birthday but soon remembered Oscar! phew!
    By the by, who has a birhtday coming up on Dec 1st but yourself, LadyFi?


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