Turbulence on business

OK – so my post wasn’t so wonderful today – no content, no pictures: goodness me! You readers are so picky! Can’t a girl have a bad hair day? Or, in my case, I actually had to leave the comfort of my home office and fly to Gothenburg on business. That meant getting up early, putting on my clean clothes (not my ‘doggie’ ones) and trying to find matching socks.

I dozed off in the taxi and woke up as we drove into a very large … well, shopping area. Huge warehouses of food, computers and sporting goods. And there, tucked behind the warehouses, was the airport. This is the first thing you see as you turn into the city airport. Not a comforting sight if you happen to be afraid of flying. Luckily, I’m not, but it fooled me for a second in my dozy state of mind.


The flight was delayed and when we did get off the ground, it was bumpy.

Landed. Rain. The taxi driver got lost. But I finally made it – and was only about 10  minutes late!

Same procedure on the way home. Delayed. And then in the air: “Ladies and gentlemen, we may experience a bit of turbulence as…”  The rest was drowned out by people’s screams.


The taxi driver on the way home talked to himself a lot. Sometimes he directed a comment to me. It was difficult to tell. I had to spend most of the journey giving him directions! (Mmm.. you would have thought that being able to find places was an integral part of their job description.)

As for the meeting? It was successful! We nailed a complete web-based learning program that really will have a lot of content – and some pictures too!

18 thoughts on “Turbulence on business

  1. Sometimes travel can be so monotonous and frustrating, with a little sheer terror thrown in for variety (exhausting). Glad you had a successful meeting!


  2. If you have to give a taxi driver directions surely you are better off driving the thing yourself 🙂

    Although I would have thought since you were living in such an efficient country they would have had a GPS!


  3. Sounds like an action-packed trip. What was scarier – the turbulence on the flight or the delusional cabbie? And I’m so impressed that you have non-doggie clothes. Whenever I try to wear something nice, every animal in the house tries to rub on me before I get out the door, and I end up covered with even more pet hair than usual.


  4. I would echo the GPS comment. They’re not perfect- usually won’t take you right to a door, but will head you in the right direction!
    You’re not scared of flying though are you? That would make 3 out of 4 sibs if you were, but I always thought you were pretty fearless! I am sure that nasty Canadian air controller that made us pay all those taxes one time still has nightmares about us!!


  5. Who’s afraid of flying? Not me I love it! Who said it was scary..and that I feel all trapted and freaked out… and want to run screaming out on the tar mac and take a deep breath of fresh air…he he! Glad you had such a good trip, and landed safely, not as pictured!


  6. The only flying that Lady Fi is afraid of is the flying done by certain small black and yellow flying bugs. Her fear then manifests itself as a blood-curdling shriek!

    Still, despite her non-fear of flying in general, I can’t convince her to go for a tandem skydive :-(. Ah, well, there are other things one can get as a birthday present, I suppose 🙂


  7. The cool pic shows a wake vortex study conducted by NASA Langley Research Center. They used coloured smoke to show the effects of a plane’s wake vortex and why planes should not fly too close to each other!


  8. Hey! Sounds like an exciting day! Nailed it..Good for you! It was a success then! On the sock thing.. I have found throwing out all colored socks and just buying two packages of the same color (Navy Blue) saves me sorting time and matching time….I have no good suggestions about the dog hair..it is a hazard:)


  9. Danes and Swedes already pay the highest portion of their incomes to taxes, why must there be an extra TV tax? Also, it seems like the process to actually collect the tax is quite costly (paying the guy to go around, sending the bills, etc). It’s not like the police come to your house and collect taxes for their services, or the highway patrol collects taxes for use of the roads – why can’t the TV tax be included with the rest of the taxes? Bah, maybe the darkness is just getting to me!


  10. I’m visitng via BATW . . . thanks for such a nice tour! My great gradmother Hulda Amelia Ainkfest (not sure of the spelling of her last name) aka “Bana” was born in Stockholm in 1896 . . . she was sweet, very caring, gentle giant, “Bana” and she often spoke in Swedish . . I never understood a word, but it alwasy sounded like a song to me . . . one day I would love to visit . . . thanks for sharing your corner of the world!


  11. Did you take all of those pictures? The one with the Northern lights looked straight out of a sci-fi movie! That is amazing! I don’t think I could ever handle living there, but I would like to visit, in summer, when I wont freeze my toosh off!


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