A prod in the backside


At the beginning of the week, I wrote about how sewing can become a blood sport. You remember the story of how my sister was bitten in the back by her friend? And how I was so furious I hunted her down and let fly with my tongue?

I’m that kind of person, you see: a kettle on full boil that explodes just like that. Then everything is forgotten and forgiven. I don’t really hold grudges.

However, for some, revenge is a dish best served cold. My sister (the one who got bitten) was not quite satisfied by me telling off Veryan for biting her.

So, in her own words, this is my sister’s tale of revenge and sharp pointy things:

“Yes, my dear big sis (that would be me!) took revenge, but I took my own sweet revenge when I least expected it. You see, we were in our Religious Education class and Veryan had to stand up and speak. She was in front of me. Lying on my desk was my compass – not the thing with magnetic north, but the sharp pointy thing which you can draw big circles with…

Oh yes, I remember…

… I jabbed it straight into her bum. And she screamed. (And screamed and screamed…)

And then I had to play it down. But I didn’t get into trouble.”


Yes, my dear little sister prodded her friend in the backside with a dangerous, sharp object – and she didn’t even get into trouble! Whereas I was in trouble big time just for being bad at sewing….

What kind of message was the school sending us? That as long as you do what your teachers tell you to (sis was a goody at school), then it’s OK to use people’s butts as a pin cushion… but if you have your own opinions and ideas and happen to be a tiny bit cheeky now and then (OK – most of the time), then you are not even allowed to make a mistake.

Luckily, I happen to believe that mistakes are lessons that give us wisdom; they are gateways to discoveries. Every success is built on failure. Or, as Bernard Shaw once said:

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

If this is so, then my life is full of honourable  moments!


11 thoughts on “A prod in the backside

  1. Ha hahaha Bum cushion! Crack me up! You girls are my kinda friends. I surely don’t want you as enemies! I have to admit I am a grudge holder. Good for you for your forgiving heart. Thanks for stopping by my page, I apologiz for not getting here sooner. Please no poking with sharp unsanitized, drafting tools! Have a great day!


  2. Yes, honestly, where would we be without our mistakes. You and your sister, and pointed objects and comments, what a formidable combination-wouldn’t want to cross you either!


  3. ah, those were the days. they say you never forget your (boarding) school days … the best days of your life … for me anyway. C’mon, big sis, you had great fun – cheeky comments, locking your favourite teacher in the broom cupboard – heavens above!!


  4. NO – I hated hated hated SMH with a passion. Windlesham was great but not SMH. If you look through the comments on one of the other posts, you’ll see that Kata hated boarding school too! As did our brother. In fact, you are the only one of us (out of 4 kids) that liked boarding school. So – count yourself lucky. I’m living the best days of my life here and now!


  5. ha! that was really funny though ironic in a way. Your sister is sooo good getting away with that tho! She should win an award for that 🙂

    hopping over here from BATW!


  6. If you readers think that is the worst (or best or funniest ) of what we three sisters got away with ……………….how little do you know!!
    Your comment has been notes SirPe! and ladyFi- you know I disliked boarding school but if my memory serves me correct, you deliberately failed the entry exam to one school (?? Rosemead) so why didn’t you fail it for SMH? Too risky, or the lesser of two evils?
    And don’t remind me of what I missed out on at Windlesham! even half my nieces and nephews got to go there!!


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