All souped up

As you know from yesterday’s post, our avoidance of the cleaning-up day resulted in a mighty fine Jack-o-lantern.

The pumpkin that became the lantern was a whopping ten kilos. And, in order to make a lantern, the inside has to come out. So, there was only one thing to do – and that was to make pumpkin soup!

One of my guiding mottos in life has been: Never let ’em see you cook! Sadly, though, I cannot always keep to this, and October is one of those times. I bow to the pressure from the family to make pumpkin soup. The anklebiters get excited by the chopping of onions (with or without a snorkelling mask on), the crushing of fragrant garlic, and the bright orange cubes of pumpkin. Oh yes – and let’s not forget my secret ingredient: ginger.

Now – ginger and I have a bit of a shaky history.

About fifteen years ago, I used to be a favourite babysitter for my best friends’ four kids. Not only would I build a tent in the middle of the living room and sleep there with them, but I was famous for all my botched attempts at cooking  – far more entertaining than watching telly.

One memorable session was when we tried to make ginger biscuits. Everything went well until I decided that half a teaspoon of ginger was just not enough. So, I sprinkled in a bit more, then a bit more and finally a bit more.

Then I left the biscuits in the oven until they were nearly burnt to a crisp!

After getting rid of the smoke fumes, we sat down to consume the biscuits we had saved. Those bit mores of ginger had turned into a whole heap of fiery gingery-ness and blew the roofs of our mouths off.

Those kids are are big now – and study and work – but they still remember baking ginger biscuits with me.

Anyway, I digress. Back to the soup. I put in half a teaspoon – then thought, “Oh – only a bit more.” Then I stopped there – thus proving that an old dog can learn from history. (Mmm… I do enjoying mangling metaphors.)

The soup turned out to be gingery, but not in an overwhelming way. There was still an undertone of … can it be? … pumpkin in the soup. (That was a nice surprise.)

Sir Pe fell asleep afterwards and blamed it on the soup.

A quick Google search reveals that a ginger overdose can result in sleepiness and confusion.

You could say that we are living proof of that!

9 thoughts on “All souped up

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  2. Heehee ladyfi you sound somewhat similar to me in the kitchen. I hate chopping onions so much, my eyes, nose, ears water and I sneeze sometimes too. Even if I am not in the same room as the onions!


  3. Aha! I see, I see, I get the picture! This is your cunning plan to quieten down the anklebiters by putting them to sleep with your soporific soup! I’m just a victim, caught in the crossfire…


  4. Yum! Soup sounds good! Sleep you say…hmmm I may add the to all my recipes! I may get some peace and quiet! he he!THanks for commenting on my pup! Alot of great answers!!


  5. I am next… Pumpkin soup on Thursday night!! because the night between Thurs and Fri will be our coldest in Jylland yet….

    and I will remember to add the ginger!


  6. Ha, ha, ha , my pretties…..making pumpkin soup a’ la ginger for thee wittle ones hey? Hmmm, ’tis the season.
    I have yet to make pumpkin soup from scratch or at all for that matter. I’ve mastered chicken noodle so I may have to stretch my limits.
    Sounds yummy nonetheless!


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