Pumpkins in pajamas

Our little community of twenty-one houses had a CLEANING day yesterday. You know, everyone is perky and kind and they all go out in the lovely sunshine to rake up leaves while whistling a merry little tune…

Well, yesterday was one of those days – but the opposite. Yes, it was clean-up day on the street. But it was windy and rainy and there was a definite lack of whistling but quite a lot of red noses and small boys running around with large rakes.

And – here’s the rub – we FORGOT all about it!

Around one o’clock, one of the neigbour’s kids knocked on the door to say that she wanted to rake up leaves with Anklebiter #1 – and, anyway, weren’t we going to come out and help?

I’m pretty good at making up excuses, so I said, “Er! Help! We forgot!” Actually, that’s not an excuse – but the truth.

“Can your daughter come out?”

Er… er… As I looked inside, I realized that it was 1 p.m. and the kids were still in pajamas. “Well, we haven’t had lunch yet,” I stammered. (Which was true.) “We’ll come out after we’ve eaten.”

So, we launched ourselves out into the rain after lunch – just as everyone else was going home. Just as well really as we had other –  more important – preoccupations.

Like getting our pumpkin into order! Mmmm… where do I put the eyes, nose and mouth?

By the way, Sir Pe is on the right left, and the pumpkin is on the right.

Anklebiter #2 actually got his clothes on after getting tomato sauce on his pjs at lunchtime. Our daughter had decided to stay in pjs all day (I wish I could have, but walking the dog  in pajamas… no – too cold at this time of year), so she helped Sir Pe with the pumpkin while wearing her pajamas.

The pumpkin didn’t seem to mind!

15 thoughts on “Pumpkins in pajamas

  1. Hey That’s clever…Lurk long enough inside and just make aquick appearance when it’s all but over!!!
    And how nice is it to have a Pj day???
    It is also the only day you get unexpected visitors!!


  2. Soup was delicious, BTW. In fact it sent me straight to sleep, and I was woken by the dog licking my face at 22:05 saying “Isn’t it time for my walk yet, master?” :-p


  3. I love being in pajamas all day long – so do the anklebiters. In fact, they lounge around in pjs quite a lot!

    And Po – sleeping in clothes has been done many many times too…

    Cos we’re parents who care!?!…


  4. Down under they wear brightly patterned PJs and you see people going down to the paper shop in them and everyone acts like it’s quite normal!! Mind you, last time I saw a man walking through a petrol station at 9pm in his PJs I did phone the nearby hospital in case he was an escapee!!


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