Kiddie wisdom

No time for wisdom from that fount of all knowledge: a teabag! This weekend’s wise words come from my five-year-old son. He and Sir Pe made a LEGO Stars Wars airplane and as he (my son, that is) was playing with it, he lost a piece. Very sad, he went up to bed.

This morning, he decided to look for the missing LEGO piece under the sofa and found it. He was so pleased with himself that he burst out, “Well done, me, for finding it! Well done to me!”

When was the last time you praised yourself for doing something well? I think that most people are better at criticizing themselves and putting themselves down than they are at giving themselves a pat on the back.

And that’s a real shame.

So, go on: take a minute to think about something good that you did today. Or think about what you did well. Then take the time to say to yourself: WELL DONE ME!

7 thoughts on “Kiddie wisdom

  1. Well done for me! I went to the scrapbooking store, there is a huge sale, and I only spent $7.

    The answer to your question on my blog?

    Catch up on everything that was neglected during the spring and summer. Read, shoot studio shots, work, ugh, edit the over 6000 photos on the computer. Oh and make the cards so there is some stock ready for Mother’s Day and spring sales.

    What do you do?



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