Bees in pyjamas

As many of you are aware, there is a game of cyber tag going on at the moment. And it seems that every third person on the Internet is ‘it’. I was caught by: This DVM’s Wife’s Life (and oh yes – you did start it!) and Ethereal Chaos. Quirkily enough, the meme going round is one about… quirks. So, considering the name of my blog, I can’t really refuse to join in now – can I?

Mmm.. have I got any quirks? Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that!

– I’m a compulsive book sniffer! I love smelling books, magazines, newspapers – you name it, I’ve probably sniffed it! There is something so alluring about the smell of paper.

– I fly into a panic every time I lose my keys, and unfortunately, this happens nearly every day. I also demand that everyone else in the family goes into a panic until I find them again. (It’s quite exhausting, I tell you!)

– I can also work myself up into a real tiz when there is a problem with the Internet connection or the e-mail isn’t working. Every time there is an IT breakdown, I have a nervous meltdown.

– I use baby talk when I talk to the dog. I never used it on the anklebiters, but somehow that furry face with the big, brown eyes just stops me from talking normally. My voice goes up an octave as I declare my love: “Whoz mammyz widdle baby?” “Youz a good boy.” “I just wanna kissy-wissy my cuddly wuddlie liddle boy!” Aargh! Someone help me!

– Dare I confess this? I am…

a fan of…

teen super hero…


Kim Possible!

And, last but not least, my well-documented fear of wasps is a quirky must, according to my family. My kids have endless fun imitating me as I run around screaming hysterically every time I see something that looks like a wasp. I mean, any winged insect could be a wasp in disguise – right?

Even a bee in pyjamas.

So, tell me, what’s your pet phobia?

10 thoughts on “Bees in pyjamas

  1. You are right. With the word “quirky” in your blog title, it was very hard not to tag you!
    Pet phobia? When a dog or cats eyes glow when caught in the right light. Talk about freaky!
    Other phobia’s? Anyone that keeps snakes and spiders as pets. Those people are instant phobias to me.


  2. Hmmmm Phobias with pets???
    I hate anything with wings flying at me..Feathered type wings !
    Like if the kids freak the chooks out it’lll always be when I am stuck in the hen house with these made hens flying and flapping at me!
    Oh and moths…can’t stand them!


  3. These a pretty good quirks! I use baby talk with my cats and not my kids too.

    My phobia: getting someone’s name wrong so I often will avoid introductions, etc. I hate it.

    Thanks for submitting your post to BPOTW!


  4. I love Kim Possible, and I’m not afraid to admit it! BAHAHAHA I also hate wasps and freak out when the email is down. So nice to meet a kindred spirit. I don’t feel so alone now. I do the key thing too—sometimes it’s my entire purse. I don’t sniff newspapers because when I was a kid my dad had a route with a guy and I went with him The smell of HUNDREDS of newspapers and my car sickness made me puke. I now hate the smell of newspapers, but I still love book smells:)

    Stopping by from BPOTW.


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