Emptying my pockets

Last week I wrote that I was going to be giving away coins, pennies, kronor, cash – money! Not to you, dear readers, for even though you may deserve it, there are others who need it more than you. After I wondered what one person can do, Sir Pe came home and said, “I read your post. The one where you said you were going to give away our money.”

So, this is part 1 of Operation Empty My Pockets.

Drumroll, please!

Today, Monday, tomorrow and Wednesday (the actual day of action) I’ll be posting about poverty. And every time you leave me a comment on these posts (starting with this one), then I’ll be donating some cash to The Global Fund (fighting against HIV, tuberculosis and malaria) as well as to Kiva.org (a site that organizes micro-loans to people wanting to set up small businesses in developing countries in order to help pull themselves – and their communities – out of poverty).

So, what is poverty?


… hunger.

… not having anywhere to live.

… being sick and not being able to see a doctor.

… not going to school.

… not being able to read or write.

… losing a child to a disease that is easy to wipe out.


… a feeling of powerlessness.

… misery.

… taking one day at a time.

… not having much hope for the future.

Poverty is something people want to escape.

Poverty calls for action.

What is poverty for you?

20 thoughts on “Emptying my pockets

  1. A wonderful idea! We have been looking into Kiva, and it sounds like it does a great deal of good.
    Best of luck with the comments, and the donations.


  2. I lived in a third world country for a little while, I cannot believe the things I saw. But what stuck me most wasnt just the need, it was the happiness despite of the need. It was the huge smiles, it was the laughing in the kitchen as big as my bathroom stuffed full of 11 women. It was life-changing.


  3. Perhaps a few quotes will help out! Your empty pockets will help, and I am on board with you. I will do a blog about poverty late Tuesday that links to you. Don’t know exactly what I will write yet..but something! 🙂

    Hunger makes a thief of any man. ~Pearl S. Buck


  4. Lady Fi, please email me, I have a post, but I want to make sure that the facts are straight. I also need hep with the links.

    wateringcans [ at ] gmail.com

    thanks, its all one line, no spaces.


  5. Poverty is to be unwilling to share, that is the worst poverty, the poverty of the spirit. Hunger and cold, fear and destitution we may be able to solve and once and for all erase from our world some day.
    The poverty of the spirit is the one that only each one of us can erase, let’s hope we succeed there as well.

    Thank you for coming by my blog, and hold hands with the rest.
    Blessings of the kind you believe in.


  6. “Poverty often deprives a man of all spirit and virtue; it is hard for an empty bag to stand upright” Benjamin Franklin

    Think about it ..an empty bag.. a really. really empty bag and that is all you have:(


  7. This is a wonderful idea! I teach world geography to very privileged children, who have no understanding of the poverty around them here in the US, much less other areas of the world. I will share your blog post with them and their parents!


  8. Some of the people with the greatest accumulation of wealth and things are the most poverty-stricken around us. Mother Teresa was very wise. She said she’ never attend a war rally. But you could count her in on a peace rally. She said the focus on ending WAR was counter productive. We need to focus on creating PEACE. So may I suggest that instead of eradicating poverty, let our focus be on SPREADING ABUNDANCE – whatever form that abundance takes. Abundance in spirit, in happiness, in relationships, in finances, – and in all the other areas of our lives. I applaud you for being “others conscious” – indeed you are wealthy among us!


  9. Thanks everyone for your comments! Reluctant Farm Chick is so right… we should focus on the positive – on spreading abundance. It makes the whole thing suddenly so much more do-able.


  10. I’ve been to Haiti and seen the really poor. It made such a difference in my life. My husband and I help support a MAF pilot.


  11. it’s great what you’re doing here. 🙂 i especially appreciate it because i hail from a developing country (third world and all that).

    am also a big fan of kiva. 🙂 while i’m not in a position to donate yet, i put up their banner on my blog. and i also do freerice and goodsearch (put up their banners as well).


  12. You guys dont know what poverty is. Poverty to us, is Lucking Everything. Every Basic human need is Missing (food, housing . .to freedom ALL id NOT THERE) . Even oxygen gets DRY, Irritating and chocking. No Nothing is there. YOUR won life is Missing. You drag Your Bing in the Process. Lifeless. No Everyone/ Everybody to look upto. Its JUST You heart Painfully Beating Away. You hear every bit of that heartbeat. Thats Poverty.


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