Where the L have the Rs gone, spread the love and other non-sequiturs

The charming lady over at Gizzards & Calf Fries (what is a calf fry?) was in a generous mood last week, and she gave me an award. It’s in Portuguese and I think it’s an award for bloggy buddiness or closeness if you like.

An almost hilariously undecipherable translation is attached in Portugueslish, which just adds to the charm. Let me know if you decipher it into English! You can see the text – and the rules if you’re that way inclined – directly here.

Once upon a time, I was a teacher of English as a Foreign Language, and deciphering texts like that was a breeze… And even today I work hard at turning company gobbledydook into plain English.

When reading the award text, I was suddenly transported back to my days of teaching as a VSO (Voluntary Service Overseas) teacher in China. Yup – I spent three years stationed out in the boonies in the rice bowl of China (that’s in the south central part for those of you who don’t know). And I didn’t get paid for it either! (Wait a minute – I’ll just adjust my halo…)

Anyway, out there in the deep countryside, Chinese is spoken in a deep countryside dialect – where the letter ‘r’ does not exist. In fact, Rs (be careful how you say that now!) were replaced by Ls.

So – you can guess what happened, right? On my very first day in the classroom, my students asked me if I liked eating lice. (Answer: yes.)

As a result of this dialect, I spent three years responding to the names: Fi-A-La and Piony or Plofessor Piony (from those students who couldn’t say F either).

Now – where was I before I got sidetracked by those led hellings…

Oh yes – the award! You know me: rules are to be broken… So, I’m making up my own.

Do you want to spread the love? Then sign up here! Instead of ME choosing YOU and giving you an award – I want you to choose yourself! No point being modest now… It’s as easy as eating a whole box of chocolates and then wondering where they have got to. All you have to do is:

  • Leave a comment here and tell everyone who you are and why they should read your blog.

Or – if you like – you can tell everyone why you are and who should read your blog.

Or… but – hey – hang on a minute! This blog is supposed to be about me, me, me! And not you…

Come back here! Don’t go off flirting with those other blogs…

Can you tell that I couldn’t really think of a good punch line?

6 thoughts on “Where the L have the Rs gone, spread the love and other non-sequiturs

  1. I’m first!!!! So here we go:

    READ MY BLOG, EVERYONE! It’s just splendid! It’s got swearing, and humour, and it’s sometimes serious and sometimes fluffy, and it’s got lots of oh-so-nice people who pop in and leave comments, and I can be really annoying but I’m also very cute and you will love me anyway. READ ME!!!

    Gosh, I suddenly feel so cheap and dirty…


  2. Aw, heck, I don’t want an award….but if you have a few spare moments , stop by my humble little Canadian blog, where not much goes on,….just the occasional nature walk, field trip, sunrise…..it also features horses, pets, lame and dorky attempts at humour and MONSTER TRUCK EXPLOSIONS (o.k. I lied about that last one).


  3. Vely nice. I can totally heah the accent of those deah people. We used to make fun by saying “flied lice, vely nice”

    You have a great way with words. Congrats on your award – you obviously have a wide circle of influence (probably in direct proportion to your generous spirit).


  4. “It’s the Feel Good Blog of the Year!” -A. O. Scott, NY Times*

    “I laughed. I cried. I can’t wait to see what comes next!” -Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times*

    “Run, don’t walk to your computer!” -Richard Roeper, Chicago Sun Times*

    Megonthebus.blogspot.com is the critically acclaimed, world famous blog I author. I have a small but oh so loyal following (from two of the four corners of the world) who tune in each day to read about the weirdness that happens on public transportation in the South. You too can read my rantings, hilarious criticisms, and occasionally up to the minute reports of my ever-growing cast of characters.

    *any resemblence to actual film critics is purely coincidental.


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