Black holes and exploding tempers

Just as a supermassive black hole can rip apart a star and eat some of its matter…

so too can various Microsucks Microsoft tools rip up and consume a whole morning’s work.

I spent the whole morning helping a colleague with her PowerPoint presentation. The whole morning, I tell you! And just as I was finishing off the whole thing with a few masterly strokes of my genius, PowerPoint decided to go and quit on me.

Without so much as a good-bye and thanks for all the tender care.

Damaged and never coming back sort of quitting. Laugh in your face, now you have to do three hours of work all over again kind of attitude.

That’s when I exploded (a terrible sight, but I have managed to piece myself together again with glue and lots of tears). I’d like to MicroWave all the dingly micro soft parts of those responsible, play ping pong with them and then feed them to hungry lions!

On a happier note! My live-in geek guru has tweaked my banner (it tickled!) so that it looks better.

What are you ranting about today? Or, if you are feeling good, what are you toasting (apart from marshmallows)?

CLARIFICATION: Yes, good folks, I did save the document… but it does not want to be saved and has thus declared itself to be corrupt and not-openable or even retrievable…

15 thoughts on “Black holes and exploding tempers

  1. That’s the whole rant, Paddy. I saved and saved and saved – but the file has decided that it’s corrupt so now it just. will. NOT. open!


  2. Ooi – I feel your pain. I have experienced your pain. I can completely empathize with that feeling of utter frustration, anguish, rage, and need for retaliation. I even did a blog post on it recently (something about apples and lemons, as I recall). You were kind to help your colleague. Maybe they learned enough through the process that they can repeat the steps without as much guidance? If holding my breath (or making another batch of waatlemoen konfyt) would help, I’d do it – just to get you out of the mess. So sorry! I love your descriptive language although the mental images weren’t as happy 🙂


  3. Oh dear. You don’t have vista do you? My computer crashes multiple times a day, but I have never had a non-retrievable program before!


  4. DO love the new banner! Very fun! And, BOOOOO power point!!! I absolutely hate when that happens. I’m getting ready for a week of immersion into building a program for my Grandfather to help him with his memory so he can still be an “integral” part of the company. Pray. Pray Hard. Temper tantrums shall abound!


  5. But didn’t you save each version with a separate name? On an external drive? Which you sent over wireless to a backup on the moon? Because if you didn’t, well, then you’re just ASKING for trouble.

    Or you could, I don’t know, just buy a mac…?


  6. Heh, as I’m sure you know, Paddy, the incident occurred on a Mac.

    The trouble is that when running Murkysucks “software” on anything other than a Murkysucks “operating system”, one must remember to first uncheck the destroy_all_progress_if_other_operating_system_detected option in the preferences page for said “software”. With PowerPoint, unfortunately, that option is pretty well hidden and completely undocumented :-(.


  7. SirPe: Interesting that ladyFi did not mention anywhere in her original post that it was a mac. Go on, have a look. And interesting that, of course, it was the SOFTWARE that was the problem and not the hardware. Because mac, by definition, can never be bad. And any crashes that happen on it cannot be the fault of apple, and must therefore be the fault of microsoft.

    If it happened on a PC, don’t you think that she would have mentioned that seminal fact? You bet your arse she would.

    Do all mac users have this ability to leave out vital details about their beloved chunk of plastic..?


  8. Great, but it’s not a fair comparison if you only mention the mac by name when it doesn’t crash and the PC when it does.

    Let me see some research on this, a proper survey or technical report, that shows how mac is more stable than PC. And then I will swallow my pride and shut up. A bunch of anecdotes from people who are already decided on the matter just doesn’t cut it!


  9. All’s fair in love and war… or something like that! Buy yourself a Mac and then you’ll have first-hand experience of why Mac is sooooo much stabler…


  10. “Let me see some research on this, a proper survey or technical report, that shows how mac is more stable than PC. And then I will swallow my pride and shut up.” Hahaha! Come on, Paddy! You would just find some way in which the report was “biased”, because you just love to hate Macs. Might as well admit it, and agree to disagree (oops, how Swedish of me, sorry 😉 )


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