Raphsody in blue

Some days start off well and go downhill from there. Other days, start off a bit shakily and then just get better and better. Yesterday was one of those days.

Lack of sleep. Not enough caffeine in my coffee. Icy fingers. I drooped over my keyboard trying to find my flow for the translation work I was doing. Suddenly, it was lunch time. Had I fallen asleep or was I so into my work bubble that the morning just disappeared?

I shuffled outside to fetch the post. A lone, mysterious and very green parcel was lying in the postbox. And it was addressed to me! With excited fingers, I tore it open and…

… inside I discovered…

… this:

A lovely blueberry blue hat hand-crotcheted by none other than blog pal Blue. Look at the handicraft! So lacy, so snug! I have to say that this really made my day! And to make things even better, I got a hand-written letter. It’s not everyday you actually get to see handwriting these days…

In her letter, Blue says that if I don’t like the hat, then I can use it as a lamp shade, a tea cozy or a toy for the dog. Quick as a flash, the dog – who had been reading the letter over my shoulder – grabbed the hat and ran off with it.

Back away, hairy boy! Paws. off. my. hat.

Mmm… I can see that there are going to be some ownership issues here!

However, the dog gave in gracefully and handed over the hat in return for hundreds lots of treats.

Only one thing left to do: try on the hat! A perfect fit! And because the dog doesn’t have opposable thumbs, you’ll have to excuse the quality of the picture he took.

I love my new hat! And no – it doesn’t make me look like a blueberry… does it?

Does it?!

10 thoughts on “Raphsody in blue

  1. I am a “blue” girl, anything blue is wonderful. What a great hat. Enjoy a nice warm head, this winter. Aren’t good surprises a great thing?



  2. mmmm…blueberries. I love blueberries. they are my favorite fruit! with vanilla yogurt and ….wait, what? HAT! Oh, right, the hat. Sorry.

    Cool hat. It looks like it feels really soft! I envy people who can crochet well. Perhaps she’d be nice enough to make one for the dog, too?


  3. I have to admit, when Blue first showed it to me I laughed my head off…It looked like a lamp shade, at least in a photo. Blue was very conserned by my reaction – in fact, she was nervous… I was, on the other hand, very sure that you would love it! And you did, AND you look good in it! 🙂


  4. What a tribute *curtsies and blushes*…

    Did you have to pay your friends much to be that nice Fi? ;o)

    I love the pictures, all of them. But I do have a super soft spots for dogs (and cats, and all animals…in case you haven’t noticed already). The doggie definately deserves one.

    I wonder what would look good on a sneaky hat-stealing Golden?

    Ideas anyone?

    And it was my pleasure – you really did deserve the hat…those ten reasons won me over :o)


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