A pat on the back

It’s been two weeks now and I really don’t have any more excuses for not saying a big thank you to the two people who awarded me an I love your blog award.

So, here goes: THANKS! It’s great to know that I have at least two readers outside my immediate family.

Naturally, with glory comes responsibility: and I’m supposed to nominate a few other blogs that I love. I know, I know – it’s getting to sound like a chain letter – but it isn’t. There’s no threat of bad luck or unhappiness if you do not comply, but I suspect that it’s bad netiquette not to at least mention a few blogs that you know and like. There are a whole bunch of ‘rules’, but I’ll put them right at the end of this post, so that you can ignore them if you like. OK?

I read every comment I get and visit your sites too. Now, I can’t include everybody, so I will mention just a few that I read – most of whom do not even know that I exist.

My nominations:

First off, I’d like to mention the two people who nominated me and say – here’s an I love your blog mention coming right back at you, guys!

From Gothenburg, Sweden, we have Blue: she hates autumn, loves cats and dogs, boots, blue and sunshades. If you understand Swedish, then go here for your daily dose of complaining and fun. She is a lady after my own heart as she can go into a supermarket with a shopping list and still come out with only several packets of chocolate!

Also in Swedish, my good friend Karriärmamman, whose hilarious posts about her life brighten up my day. Three kids and a confused husband add to the total chaos of her life. Read – and enjoy!

And while we’re talking about blogs in Swedish:

I’d like to mention Listoplisto, who deals with every subject under the sun on many blogs. Nothing escapes her scathing wit.

Still, in Sweden, but writing in English is PaddyK: he’s an Irishman so he can talk the hind leg off a donkey. He rants about most things, in a very amusing way.

For sheer quirkiness and a good sense of humour, I nominate Country Mouse. If you want to read about Wacko Jacko the dog, breastmilk ice cream or the hot dog that escaped, then read her!

For making me cry with laughter and giving me the new expression: ‘tooting your goofy hooter’, I just have to mention CDW – or The Country Doctor’s Wife. There’s never a dull moment in that household!

For sheer originality, and for making me laugh, I just have to mention a new favourite I stumbled upon: It’s Lovely! I’ll take it! Property descriptions and photos take on a whole new meaning.

Now, I could go on and on and on about lots of great blogs I read and enjoy. Just visit the site of anyone leaving a comment here, and you’ll see what I mean…

Luckily for you, I feel a nap coming on, so I will stop here.

Oh yes – if you feel like passing the I love your blog thingy on to others, then here are some guidelines as to what to do or not, depending on your mood:

  • You can use the I love your blog photo. (Obviously – otherwise what’s the point?)
  • Link to the person that nominated you. (That would be me.)
  • Tell us about other blogs you enjoy (remembering to link to them so that we too can laugh at your taste in reading…)
  • Umm… there are probably a few things I’ve forgotten.
  • Oh yes – remember to tell the people you have nominated that they have been nominated. (If you want them to know about it, that is.)

4 thoughts on “A pat on the back

  1. *curtsies gracefully*

    Daily dose of complaing it is indeed. You were spot on…running out of chocolate though…Thank you Fi :o)

    (However – after getting two nominations with the same kinda comments I really made an effort trying to not be a cynical ass – mission impossible…but I do get points for trying don’t I?)



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