Autumn is just around the corner, and it is one of my favourite times for walking in the woods.

Just me, the dog and the trees.


A woodpecker hammering at a tree in the distance. The warbling of birds.


It is a cherished part of my weekend routine. A chance to be on my own, away from the morning of chaos of hungry, tired children.

My chance to re-charge my serenity levels.

When I get back to the car after an hour’s walk, I realize that I have had two phone calls – and four text messages.


It really is lovely to get away from it all!

6 thoughts on “Serenity

  1. Gorgeous pictures, it is true, serenity is a very good thing. The world might be a little bit happier is everyone just took a walk once in a while.


  2. Leave your mobile phone at home!! In fact, start to practice only carrying it when absolutely needed. It is very liberating!


  3. *holds her hands so she can’t see the absolutely horrible autumn pic*

    You aren’t trying to push me off the edge for real are you? ;o)


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