A little bit of fluff

What is it with food manufacturers these days? Marshmallows are being marketed as some kind of …

… diet food?!

Here is picture of a packet of the little fluffy pillows that we bought yesterday.

Can you see what it says there? “Hospitality Marshmallows – a fat free food.”

What it doesn’t say is that these bite-sized delights of fat-free tastiness are, in fact, packed to the brim with sugar! Or ’empty calories’ as our teachers at school taught us. They have no fat and no protein but they certainly pack a sugary punch!

Sugars include corn syrup (oh, the horror!), sugar, starch (don’t they use that to make collars stiff?), a bit of tetrasodium and some blue colouring (BLUE? Is that how they make these things so sparkly white?) to top the whole thing off.

Mmm… so that’s what makes them so inflammable, and so delicious, when you roast them over a fire….

Now – if you’re not looking – I think I’ll just have another one.

5 thoughts on “A little bit of fluff

  1. That’s my kind of diet!

    Seriously, my grandmother’s parents owned a candy store most of her life. They made everything by hand. Suckers, which she hated because they were hot, chocolates, ice cream. You name it. My brother and I spent a lot of time at her house when we were young. I have fond memories of being served a custard for breakfast, because as she’d put it…”it has milk, and eggs, and sugar in it so it’s good for you.” If we ate something normal for breakfast, we would have dessert afterwards. Surprisingly, in the last four generations of my family, no one is diabetic OR 600 pounds. Must be the genes, since you know, Willy Wonka was my great-grandfather.


  2. I love marshmallows – really I do! Especially roasted! But what I don’t like so much is the kind of implied health benefits that the advertising suggests by saying it’s fat free = good for you.

    My grandmother had a sweet shop, I have fond memories of eating nothing but sweets when we were with her… Mmm.. wonder if that can account for all my fillings?


  3. Yes, me and my fillings too.
    And then grandma’s son loves his sweeties too and delights in handing over a dextrose or two to his grandchildren (a sweetie shop hidden in the top bedroom).
    Now for those who don’t know what they are … anything with ‘-ose’ on the end is a sugar variety!
    (glucose, fructose, dextrose…)


  4. This trick is very common – finding the one single bad thing NOT in the product and shouting about it. Such as: “Still no plutonium!” Or “25% reduced pink”. Advertisers are scum.


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