A coffee and a snooze, please!

In my last post (you have read it, haven’t you?) I mention some of the policies that Murky Coffee has: no iced espresso, no espresso to go and no sleeping (for customers).

It’s that last policy that has been bugging me. A lot.

After all, it seems to be a contradiction in terms. The whole point of caffeine is that it keeps you awake. It is a stimulant that fights off those feelings of drowsiness and keeps you alert – for a while, at least.

And yet – here is a coffee shop who has to ban a customer because of his chronic napping. Which means he must have made it a regular habit to go to the coffee shop, order a coffee and then promptly drop off to sleep!

My hat goes off to you, whoever you are.

This leads me to another question: was it really necessary to ban this customer because he enjoyed snoozing? After all, what harm was he doing? Setting a bad example to all the other jittery caffeine fans? Ruining the decor with his body slumped over the table? What?

So, whoever you are: I hope that you have managed to find a more accommodating coffee shop that allows you to order a coffee with a snooze on the side.

4 thoughts on “A coffee and a snooze, please!

  1. maybe they were having problems with people coming in, not ordering anything, and taking up a table for their napping? believe it or not Ive seen it at starbucks here!


  2. Really? Not so common over here .. or maybe I’m just being naive. And there I was thinking that it was some politician escaping a boring session on Capitol Hill and coming to the coffee shop for a brief snooze!



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