The lovely Blue has challenged me to see what secrets my mobile phone can reveal!

1. Have you kissed contact number 7?

No. She’s a colleague at work and not into that kind of thing (as far as I know). But we have hugged.

2. Have you seen number 9 this week?

Unfortunately not. An old friend that I have sort of lost touch with. You know – I ought to give her a ring!

3. Do you love number 10?

Well, that would be pushing the boundaries of neighbourly love too far!

4. Is number 11 a cutie pie?

Not too bad – for a boss!

5. Is number 15 one of your best friends?

No. But she is a colleague that inspires me with her creativity.

6. Did you go to school with number 16?

Er.. no! In fact, I don’t even know who this person is! Mmmm…. wonder how he got there?!

7. Do you hang out with number 19?

No, but she hangs out with our dog! She’s our dog walker when we need one.

8. Is number 20 a good person?

I thought so once, but am not sure anymore. Unfortunately.

9. Do you like number 26?

Yes – she’s wonderful! It’s none other than Karriärmamman (Career Mom).

10. Is number 31 in a relationship?

Yes – my bank is having a relationship with my money.

11. How did you get to know number 38?

I met her out in South Africa.

12. Are you interested in number 42?

Yes, she’s so beautiful, intelligent and smart. Modest too! This is the number to my work cell phone! 😉

And finally –

13. How long have you known number 49?

We’re not in contact anymore, but I knew her well when the kids went to her kindergarten. So, all in all, I knew her for about three years until we switched.

So, are you any wiser now? Have my phone contacts revealed my innermost secrets?

What do YOU think?

2 thoughts on “Challenged!

  1. Kick it to the man, Fi! Or to the woman, in this case. There has never been any “customer is right” thinking in this country, so don’t be too upset. I could tell you some stories…


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