Lowering the bar

Found something grey huddling in the corner, so re-attached my brain, and set out to get back into ‘normal’ (yeah – what is normal?) life.

As we didn’t get to sleep until about 2.30 in the morning, the day started off with a large cup of coffee.

I let the kids watch TV in the morning. Without brushing their teeth. In their pajamas. Time went into frozen suspension because the next time I looked at the watch, it was lunchtime. Lunchtime!

I let them eat pancakes. I mean, that’s a dessert, right? Not a main meal!

I emptied all the clothes onto the floor so that I could put the suitcase away. Somehow, this didn’t make the living room any tidier.

I made some more food for the kids. Still in their pajamas.

I let them watch another film.

I let them eat more food.

And then I finally brushed their teeth and gave them clean pajamas as it was already night-time.

Then I came to my senses! That wasn’t my brain. Oh no – it just couldn’t be! I’m not a mother who lets their kids wear pajamas all day, watch endless films and doesn’t brush their teeth.

No – that would be someone else. I have higher standards.

Don’t I?

There is only one answer: that is definitely not my brain that I found in the corner.

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