Going blighty

Quick greetings from Blighty! Mmm.. I wonder why England is sometimes called that? Anyone know?

The rain that was promised is here … with a vengeance. In fact, severe rains and storms are battering Wales and parts of England, people have been seen floating off in their cars waiting to be rescued and our landing at Gatwick Airport yesterday resembled vigorous jumping on a trampoline. I realize that my thin raincoat is useless – full diving gear would be more suitable.

High tea is on the menu tomorrow … if we can get through the streams that were once roads.

But right now / the kids are calling me to join them in a late/night pyjama party!

3 thoughts on “Going blighty

  1. I’ve spoken to the weather deities and they assure me that the good weather will be along on Tuesday / just around when we’re leaving England… So, it should be fine for your visit!


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