Popping out to tea

Well, folks, I hate to leave you – but I am popping over to England today and will be away until the middle of next week.

As you know, we British are famous for our high teas. That means eating dainty little finger sandwiches – usually cucumber or egg and cress – with the crusts cut off. They look good but are hardly enough to fill even a sparrow’s belly.

Naturally, this means lots of room left for other goodies: like chocolate éclairs, or a simple Victorian sponge cake.

And, of course, there might be soft, warm scones that you can eat with strawberry jam and clotted cream.

All washed down with lashings of tea.

Still, I don’t expect that any of this is actually on the menu on my visit to the folks back home.

What I do expect is:

  • Rain – and lots of it! I’ll be scurrying around borrowing raincoats, wellies and umbrellas.
  • Feeling cold. The British have a wonderful ventilation system known as ‘draughts’. These are currents of air that come into people’s houses because windows and doors do not fit their frames, and because insulation is something for the future.
  • Damp. That always makes me feel cold. And it’s damp because it rains a lot. Did I mention that already?
  • Having a wonderful time with my family. It’s been a while since we last met!

So, check back again in a few days’ time.

Until then, go for a long invigorating walk, laugh a lot and make sure you eat a high tea or two.

10 thoughts on “Popping out to tea

  1. MMMmmm, Yum!
    Thanks for popping past my blog.
    One of my First ever posts was of my recent first time “hightea”
    It was a day to remember and 7 cakes later….Hmmm Fond memories:)
    Enjoy your time away and remember you won’t shrink in the rain and wet!


  2. Enjoy your time in England. One of my husband’s employee’s is from England and I love her accent. I’ll have to email her your blog link.
    Sounds like good food you will be having as well!


  3. What fun! Time with family is always great.

    Can’t wait to hear about your trip – hopefully you can squeeze a high tea into one of your days away.

    High tea sounds fantastic right about now!


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