Feeling vincible

Have you ever had one of those days when you wake up feeling invincible? On top of the world? The sun is shining – and you feel strong and beautiful – as if everything is going your way…

Well, yesterday was not one of those days.

It all started unravelling on Friday, when I knew that I was coming down with the same bug that had felled the family earlier on in the week. A fire in the throat, enormous glands and a band of cockroaches in my head playing the steel drums.

Come yesterday morning, the cockroach band was playing havoc in my head and stomach, so there was only one thing for it. A frantic dash to be sick in the toilet.

It’s hard to feel invincible with your head stuck down a toilet bowl. In fact, it makes you feel very vincible (if that is now the opposite of invincible).

Today I have woken up feeling weak, hungry and very dehydrated. But I do not need to commune face to face with the toilet bowl. And that pesky band of cockroaches has disappeared.

So, adieu – porcelain tormentor!

Until next time!

By the way, I hope you guys are having a better weekend than I am!

3 thoughts on “Feeling vincible

  1. Sorry to hear about your week-end. Do you take vitamin supplements-?Sounds like you might be a bit rundown if you are catching everything left,right and centre. The other thing to consider is probiotics (such as Yakult) but they are expensive in Australia, not sure about Sweden. Maybe a week’s course as a pick me up?


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