Making the impossible possible

I just love it when the impossible is not impossible; when the boundaries of impossibility become possible!

Take sprinting, for example…

First of all, people thought it was impossible for the 100 m record to be broken. But Bolt smashed it – and our pre-conceived notions.

Then came the 200 m sprint. Impossible to break that record said everyone in the know. After all, that record has only been broken every decade or so.

But the beatable wasn’t unbeatable … Bolt went on to set a new world record and, by doing so, pushed our boundaries of what we see as ‘impossible’.

What do you think is ‘impossible’? Take a good long think – and then think again. Is it really impossible? Or just hard to achieve?

When was the last time you made something you thought was impossible possible?

Well, don’t just sit there reading this. Go out and make those dreams come true!

I love reading your comments!

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