Inspiration in yellow and blue

I was looking through the values of a certain very successful Swedish business today, with stores all around the world. They sell Swedish furniture at affordable prices. OK – you know who I mean, right?

Well, I never thought I would be inspired by them, but I am. By the values that they try to follow. And I thought – yeah! why not try to use some of these values in daily life?

READY? Here are some of their values:

Work together with joy and enthusiasm. After all, it is difficult to go it alone all the time. And I like the joy part – we could all do with a bit more of that, right?

Be open to renewal and be willing to change. I agree – this can lead to surprising, innovative ideas.

Don’t waste time or resources. Good idea although time-wasting (like writing this blog or eating chocolate) is just too enjoyable to give up entirely…

The willingness to accept and delegate responsibility. Yes – dare to make your mistakes and learn from them.

Be humble. Be kind and generous and treat the ideas of others with respect.

Simplicity. Why make things more complicated than they need to be?

Leadership by example. As every parent will tell, if you don’t set a good example, then your kids won’t either.

Dare to be different. Ask why. Question. Go your own way. This is how you can create progress and change.

Keep your feet on the ground. Mmm.. I understand that you have to be realistic: it helps in daily life, I guess. But I still like to keep my head in the clouds.

On the way. Being on the way on your journey through life means embracing change, finding new ways of doing things.

My conclusion:

It’s your journey, how you travel through life that is more important than life’s destination.

So, what are the values that guide you through life?

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