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Golden cold

Who knew that the cold

Could be so enticing –

Sunny reeds copy

And so warmingly


Bright and cold copy

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Snow fairies

I love it when the snow fairies come to visit:

Turning pine trees into candles;

Snow candles copy

Decorating reeds

With garlands of ice –

Ice crystals

And giving them hair-dos

Made out of spiky crystals.

Spiky copy

The sunlight filters through

Icy fairy art to warm a long-forgotten leaf

Filtered sunlight

And to remind us that we are intertwined –

Together, we can make

The mundane magic.

Intertwined copy

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Romancing the snow

The romance of winter -

And the deep snow -

Never fail to surprise and please

Sunrise dog

When wrapped up in

A sky of pink tissue

And a bow of dreamy fog.

Romance 2

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Snowy walk

A few weeks ago, the sun was shining

And the diamonds danced on the snow.

A perfect day for a walk with my furry buddy, Oscar.

Start the walk

This boat has been adrift

On the snowy landscape all winter.

Snow boat

Our neighbours placed their impressive gingerbread church

Outside for us – and the birds – to enjoy.

Gingerbread house

Walking down twisty lanes

I spied a vibrant splash of colour in someone’s garden:

An old red pump.

Red gas pump copy

On the way home, we crossed the railway lines

In time to see the train disappearing

In a magical golden mist.

I felt as if I were living out a dream

In this enchanted winter wonderland.

Golden otherworld

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The snowy desert

Silence falls as the snow does –

Turning the world into a peaceful place

And the lake into a snowy desert.

My dog, Oscar, is like a camel of this desert:

At one with the environment

And never too tired to enjoy the weather.

Oscar on jetty copy

And just in case you forgot what the jetty really looks like when the snow melts,

here’s a picture from September

When we went balloon hunting!

Balloon Oscar

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Golden lace

About a month ago, the ice was finally thick enough

For the snowplough to come and make an ice skating track around the lake.

This was happy news as I was finally able to walk over the lake

To enjoy the beauty of the setting sun

Winter susnset

As it cast its net of light

And turned branches into golden lace.

Golden lace

I met a woman out with her camera too –

And for a few minutes, we shared a bond

As we enjoyed the simple gift of the sinking sun.

Taking photos

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A blue dream

A clear blue winter sky

Lends its colour to the ice beneath my feet.

My furry friend and I

Dance on sapphires

In the early morning light.

On ice dog copy

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Chandeliers in the sky

Endless blue skies,

Beautiful snow,

A sunbathing dog  –

Blue sky and Oscar

And crystal chandeliers

Glittering in the sun.

My paradise!

Blue sky tree

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Shades of grey

You’re not tired of snowy pictures yet, are you?

Good. Because neither am I!

Snow scene

The skies are often grey over here

As they are weighed down by snow clouds.

But that suits my world so full of grey and silver highlights.

Grey and white

Roofs are utterly delicious

As they remain hidden under white frosting

And cats smile under snowy hats.

Roof icing and fence copy

My favourite view is this lovely grey wooden house

With a wonderful curl of roof icing.

Icing side view copy

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Enjoying winter

Please do not disturb…

Don't disturb

I’m busy enjoying winter.

Let us love winter,
for it is the spring of genius.
Pietro Aretino

You called?

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Floating in the pink

Winter’s freezing dawn

Creates an abstract work of art;

Pink, purple, winter

Trees rise ghostly

In deliciously cold lilac dresses;

Mist and ghostly trees

And the ancient church

Floats in clouds of pink.

Cold and startling and beautiful –

Another gift from nature.

Freezing cold pink fog

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Stained glass

Nature is a cathedral

And when the sun shines through the iced trees

They are frosted stained glass windows.

Stained glass 1 copy

The grandeur of these spires

Never fails to amaze

Frosted effect

And the dancing light of winter

Waltzes its way into the soul.

Stained glass snow

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Pushing the limits

Yesterday the temperature dropped down to minus 25 C

In the frosted early morning.

I went out on the ice – but stayed out way too long -

One and a half hours… With no breakfast.

Bright view copy

Came back with a frost damaged face

And spent the rest of the day in bed sick.

Just goes to show that you shouldn’t

Be bound by your limits –

But you should know what your limits are!

Thank you in advance for your kind comments – I won’t be replying to them today

As I need to recover.


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Mist, rising

The pink glow of the early setting winter sun

Enticed us outside to explore

The wonders just beyond the horizon.

Viewing the mist

It was a miracle of trees that

Seemed to float in the rising mist –

Mist rising 2

A wonder of purple and gold

Painting the fog with magic.

Mist rising copy

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Cathedral of light

A rare and magnificent gift from winter:

A cathedral of light.


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Looking for snow

Oh look!

It’s Oscar.

He’s found some snow…

Finding Christmas

And a beautiful smile.

(A positive attitude and a great smile really are the best beauty aids, don’t you think?)

Happy snow boy

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Chasing the light

The skies over the past few weeks have been grey –

So I’ve been chasing down the light.

I found it framed in golden fog

Hanging over the lake;


It danced over the football field

On fairy rainbow feet.

Snow rainbow

And, there – at last -

Like a cold winter flower

It blossomed in rays of light.

Rays in trees

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Building bridges

This photo was taken during the deliciously cold winter of 2010.

I like the symbolism of the bridge connecting two small islands of land:

It reminds me that we are all connected

And that it’s never too late to reach out

And mend bridges.

Stop being who you were, and change into who you are. — Paulo Coelho
Cold bridge

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Have a n-ice one!

A recent visit to the Botanical Gardens

In a cold snap

Was the icing on the cake (or dome of the greenhouse).

Icicles on dome

Disobeying the sign that says: Don’t walk on the grass

Is only something for people who don’t get cold feet.

(The snow was way beyond our knees.)

Don't walk on grass

The bare branches

Looked tree-mendous against the setting sun.

tree - art

Meanwhile, inside the greenhouse-cafe,

The sun created a beautiful mosaic of gold.

Golden roof

And then it was outside for a family snap –

Yes, we were all playing n-icely

With our ice sabres.

Wishing you all a n-ice holiday!

Ice sabres

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Bathing in snow

Winter is here in a flurry of snow

And it’s the busiest season of the year for us

With eight concerts in nine days!

This weekend will be full of music

And song and laughter –

But I just won’t have time to visit any of your blogs.

In a rush

(I never know whether to switch off Comments in this kind of situation

Or whether to leave them on, knowing I will not be able to respond.)

Oscar reminds me you won’t mind if I don’t visit –

I think he’s telling me to enjoying the enchantment of the season!

Snowy Oscar

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The lost art of tree hugging

We tend to take them for granted – the trees –

Even when their bare bones

Create art on a sun-drenched wall in winter;

Tree sculpture

Or when the mistletoe

Hangs like disco balls from their weathered branches.


Some say ‘tree hugger’ as if it were a bad thing.

But I agree with my son,

More of us ought to take the time to thank the trees

For their beauty.

Tree hugging

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Off leash

Exuberance and joy are just other words for beauty.

(And having a huge snowfall really helps the magic too.)


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Frosted skies

It’s cold and deliciously wintery now.

But a couple of weeks ago,

When it seemed as if winter would never arrive,

Frosted skies

The promise of winter hung in

The frosted sky

Painting hopes and lake

With glorious tones of gold.

Sunrise copy

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Love in a cold climate

The key to enjoying a cold climate

Is to embrace it.


It finally started snowing and

The neighbourhood echoed with

Happy cries and drawings by children on the cars.


The snow turned everything to silken

Puffs of cotton wool.

(Can you see that big puddle making a heart?)

Heart puddle

It’s still snowing!

And we’re still enjoying

Our dreamy winterland.

Snow and O

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