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When the morning light hits the trees

In just the right way;

Snowscape 2

When the blue bowl of the sky

Hangs like a silken canopy over the frozen lake;


And when the sun sets

In soft pastel purples…

Then … yes then!

Winter is a glorious place to be.

Sky and snow

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Snow blossoms

There is something so delightful

About the bright light of spring

And the cold of a lingering winter.

If you look carefully, you can find snow moons

Dancing on the snow.

Snow moons copy

And instead of flowers,

We have snow blossoms

And dazzling light.

snow blossoms

And – just as in real life –

You might be lucky to find

A diamond in the rough.

Diamond in the rough

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You never know what might be waiting for you

Over the brow of that hill you’re struggling to climb;

(Can you see Oscar waiting for me?)

Oscar waiting

Or what small delights await

Around the corner.

Wait for me

Please forgive me if I don’t get around to visiting you this weekend.

We’re having problems with the Internet, which makes it incredibly slow and painful to visit blogs at the moment.

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Perfect balance

We celebrated the spring equinox

With three days of snow.

But that doesn’t matter –

The equinox is the time when the world is

In perfect balance:


That moment when the light of day

And the dark of night are equal

All around the world.

Bare lace

And now, here in the northern hemisphere,

We go towards lighter times…

Even if we are enjoying the coldest ever winter this spring!

Lacy branches

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Tropical cold

I love the contrast between the cold of winter

And the humid tropical temperature of visiting the greenhouse of the Botanical Gardens.

First off, you are greeted by a vibrant

Splash of colour as you go in…

Christmas red copy

Wandering around the more temperate parts of the greenhouse

You can see signs on some of the trees:

Happy Winter! I’ll wake up again when it’s spring.

(The same could be said for some of those people who don’t like winter…)

Happy winter

As you walk further back, you enter different regions — much hotter ones.

My camera lens fogged up and as it cleared,

I could just make out some kind of orchid

Swimming towards me like a fish with petals.

Fish flower

I fell in love with the fronds

And patterns of some tropical ferns.


Before I left, I spied the delicate

Pink tutu of a flower.

“All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today.”
– Indian Proverb

PInk tutu copy

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The pink dog

You’ve heard of pink elephants, haven’t you?

Let me introduce you to Oscar,

The pink dog!

This was taken during a very pink sunrise early one morning

When my world was … well…

Tickled pink.

Pink dog_S

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The many shades of cold

Since we’ve had fresh snow and sinking temperatures –

Down to minus 19 C this week –

I am inspired to show you the colours of cold.

Cold fog

Sometimes the cold is a golden fog,

Sometimes an intense orange framed by trees.

Freezing orange fog copy

When the dawn is really cold,

The fingers of the sun paint the treetops

With frosted red.

Cold and orange

My favourite winter colour

Has to be the diamond carpet of snow

Topped off by dazzling blue skies and sun –

It’s moments like these that lift my spirits.

Blue skies and Oscar

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Spring Schpring!

People want to know if I’m tired of winter and longing for the spring.

The answer is no.

Snow dazzle copy

Late winter is a fabulous time of dazzling sun;

Of lacy art made out of ice and rainbows:


Of exhilarating days of trees made out of curtains of lace.

Curtain of lace

It’s still minus 14C when we wake up

Making it pleasant to walk on the iced over lake

To enjoy the sight of sunken boats and endless blue skies.

Sunken boat

The secret to happiness is not to long for something you don’t have

But to enjoy fully what you do have.

Oscar rolling in snow

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There’s snow business like snow business

Life doesn’t get much better than this:

Freezing mornings with glitter and diamonds;

Diamonds and dog

A good long walk in the thick snow

And plenty of play and smiles.

No one snows this better than Oscar.

(OK – I know I’m on thin ice here, so snow more puns!)

Smiling in snow copy

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Dawn’s blush

That first blush of dawn

Is a marvel of pink and purple and cold.

Pink trees

The hidden birdhouse

Enjoys wonderful views from its perch.


As dawn’s blush fades

The crooked trees stand still -

And like me -

Enjoy the moment.

Crooked trees copy

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