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Golden bowl

A magical May sunset


Golden sunset

Embracing water and duck

In glitter,

Bright sunset

And the golden bowl of the sun

Is caught in a fiery net of trees.

Caught copy

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Chasing the light

The skies over the past few weeks have been grey –

So I’ve been chasing down the light.

I found it framed in golden fog

Hanging over the lake;


It danced over the football field

On fairy rainbow feet.

Snow rainbow

And, there – at last -

Like a cold winter flower

It blossomed in rays of light.

Rays in trees

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A bench in the sun

As the sun sets in a blaze of glory,

There is no better place to watch the play

Of cloud and light

Than on a bench in the setting sun.

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Sun star

When the sun shines

And twinkles like the star it is…

That can only mean one thing:

The ice has melted

And the lake is now a golden bowl of water.

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Golden moments

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. 
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” 

My daughter and I are off to New York to seek adventure and golden moments.
I won’t be able to visit you all for about a week, but do pop in again as I have a scheduled post for you in a few days.

A boatful of gold

There is something special about the early autumn light:

A clarity that turns spider webs into pearls,

And leafy loveliness into stained glass windows.

It takes the first leaves of autumn

And turns them into amber beauty

And just before the sun sets

It fills the boats with liquid gold.

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Lighting the way

Even after all this time,
The sun never says to the earth,
You owe me.
Look what happens with
A love like that.
It lights the whole sky.

~ Hafiz of Persia

A luminous heaven, summer perfection, serenity at sunset.

Moments like these take my breath away.

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Swimming into the sunset

What better way to celebrate the long light evenings of a Swedish summer

Than enjoying the sunset

And then diving into the broken yolk

Of the golden sun – at ten o’clock in the evening?

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Golden motes of light


When the light is just right

And the shadows weave a tapestry with the sun –

If you take the time to look closely and marvel

Even the humblest sight – like a cloud of midges -

Can become a magnificent and beautiful cloud of gold dust

Reminding us that we all have hidden depths and beauty within.

A cloud of midges glowing in the sunset

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Angel dust

There is something magical about the light of spring.

It dances in the air like golden angel dust

And fills the soul with sun.

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air’s salubrity.” — Emerson

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Sipping from the cup of sunlight

At last!

The spring sun made the buds shine like pearls

In the pure blue of the sky

And turned the tulips into bowls of sunshine.


“The sun admitted…

I wish I could show you,
When you are lonely or in darkness,

The astonishing Light

Of your own Being!” — Hafiz

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Springter is that time of year when spring and winter compete to see who is going to rule the weather.

One day the sun is shining and spring is shaking loose with a rainbow of melting snow.

The next day, winter is back with a vengeance – fresh snow and ice make art out last autumn’s leaves

Still clinging to the trees in a display of perseverance.

A bud tries to unfurl but is caught there between seed and flower

Between spring and winter

Between hope and promise.

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(Don’t know about you – but I think this pretty much describes middle age too.)

The deliciousness of blue

Have you ever seen anything more startlingly lovely

Than a bird singing in the blue of a winter sky –

Or tasted  anything as delicious as the creamy snow

Glittering on the shelves of trees?

And have you heard anything sweeter

Than the music created by sunshine

Streaming in through a stained glass window of branches?

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High exposure

Sometimes the body can be starved of sunlight just as the heart is starved of love.

And when you finally get what you long for, your whole body tingles with delight.

You sing with the joy that life brings you.

I grabbed my camera and went out on a photo shoot (it’s been ages since the last one because of the cloud cover).

I didn’t realize for a while that I had left my ISO on a high number, but these over-exposed shots somehow reflect what I was feeling.

The colours were so strong and vibrant that they hurt my eyes with their intensity.

Somehow, the unaccustomed sun made everything so bright -

A dazzling feast for the eyes with splashes of merry colour here and there.

And even after I adjusted the exposure, that wonderful light persisted.

The light of life, of love, of spring in my mind.

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A real Viking winter

February is traditionally the coldest month in Sweden. And it hasn’t disappointed us yet…

The weekend dawned bright and very cold. And when I say cold, I mean colder than – 25 C.

So, what do Vikings do during the winter ?

Well, they (by which I mean Sir Pe) fetch the newspaper in dressing gown and bare feet…

They (by which I mean me) spend a long, long time getting dressed.

Thermals on, three layers on the legs and a further five layers on the torso underneath that warm winter jacket.

Don’t forget the balaclava – winter’s must-have fashion accessory.

It goes nicely with icy hair and glasses!

Vikings (by which I mean me again) take their dogs out for long walks in the cold

Pausing for a few seconds to enjoy the scenery.

Eventually they stumble home

Because there is so much ice on the inside and outside of their glasses that they can hardly see a thing.

They warm up inside, ready to do it all over again at lunch time!

You don’t have to be crazy to enjoy a Viking winter – but it helps.

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Invincible summer

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer.
Albert Camus

This quotation sums up my year,  inspires me when life gets tough and helps me look forward to the future with hope.

May you carry summer in your hearts all year round – and may the coming year be kind to you.

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Sun dogs

Seeing double…

A sun dog reflected in the lens,

And one swimming in the molten sunset of the last golden days of September.

(I entered this photo in a competition recently and was very surprised to see it on a page of its own in our local newspaper.)

The true pleasures in life are simple: a friend, a stunning sunset, a humbled spirit.

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By the way, these photos (and more) are available on my new Red Bubble site. (Red Bubble is where you can share or buy art, photos, writing.)

Treasure on the wind

“I would like to believe when I die that I have given myself away like a tree that sows seeds every spring and never counts the loss, because it is not loss. It is adding to future life. It’s the tree’s way of being. Strongly rooted perhaps, but spilling out its treasure on the wind.”

– May Sarton

Don’t you just love those glorious late summer skies? What treasures are you grateful for?

(Click the photo to enlarge.)

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In summer, the song sings itself

High summer is here. At last!

It’s amazing how a single sunbeam can chase away the shadows

And make the heart sing.

Summer means that it is respectable, almost required, to be lazy

And dazzled water laughs in the sun.

Summer days – stretching out like friendly hands -

Making it easy to see the perfection of a perfect day,

A child’s laughter filtered through the sunlight.

I’ve only just got back from England so haven’t had time to sort through my photos. These are shots of summer in Sweden (that I took just before I left).

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Hot dog

Have you every thought about how difficult it must be to go around wearing a thick woolly sweater all year round?

There you are – one minute playing out in the sunshine with a football…

… and the next minute, you deliberately go off in search of snow in order to cool off!

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Of rainbows and marshmallow skies

For one glorious day this week, the clouds disappeared

And let the sun frolic in a sky that was

The fragile blue of a jay’s wing.

And floating up high were delicious marshmallow clouds

That beckoned and said, “Come, take a sweet sticky bite of the day!”

Not to be outdone, the sun gleamed and glittered

Leaving a trail of sparkling rainbows

Like laughter

To lift up the spirits so that I shouted out in joy.

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A little bit of nothing

Have you heard of the term moblogging? That’s short for mobile blogging.

I’m nothing if not cutting edge! Hard to believe I’m in the middle of nowhere.

Doing a lot of nothing.


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