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Poem to heaven

The first time I saw this white wooden church

I gasped in amazement at its beauty.

Ljusterö sky copy

It started out as a simple chapel built in the 1700s –

And then in the mid-1800s, it was expanded

And the old clock tower replaced with a new one.

LJusterö front

The white wooden planking,

The delicate leaded windows –

Such simple and exquisite beauty

Iced with snow and love.

The lovely and talented RED has interviewed me. So, if you want to know more about me or my photography tips, then please do visit her and say hi. You can find her at Amazing Australian Adventures.

Ljusterö copy

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Looking for snow

Oh look!

It’s Oscar.

He’s found some snow…

Finding Christmas

And a beautiful smile.

(A positive attitude and a great smile really are the best beauty aids, don’t you think?)

Happy snow boy

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Building bridges

This photo was taken during the deliciously cold winter of 2010.

I like the symbolism of the bridge connecting two small islands of land:

It reminds me that we are all connected

And that it’s never too late to reach out

And mend bridges.

Stop being who you were, and change into who you are. — Paulo Coelho
Cold bridge

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Have a n-ice one!

A recent visit to the Botanical Gardens

In a cold snap

Was the icing on the cake (or dome of the greenhouse).

Icicles on dome

Disobeying the sign that says: Don’t walk on the grass

Is only something for people who don’t get cold feet.

(The snow was way beyond our knees.)

Don't walk on grass

The bare branches

Looked tree-mendous against the setting sun.

tree - art

Meanwhile, inside the greenhouse-cafe,

The sun created a beautiful mosaic of gold.

Golden roof

And then it was outside for a family snap –

Yes, we were all playing n-icely

With our ice sabres.

Wishing you all a n-ice holiday!

Ice sabres

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Sugar face

May your days be sprinkled with glitter

Sugar, laughter

And joy –

With a dash of magic and snowflakes

For good luck.

Oscar sends you all licks and love!

Sugar face copy

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Festive greetings

No matter whether you are enjoying the balmy skies

Of a warm Christmas

Christmas 2

Or the golden chills

Of a cold December –

I want to wish you all a wonderfully

Joyful and lovely holiday season;

And to thank you all for taking the time

To visit my little blog.

As my kids like to say:

“Christmas is not just about the presents,

It’s about love and family time.”


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Musical snow

The past week has been all about music.

(AB1 goes to a music school in Stockholm these days.)

One of the high points is the Lucia concerts that take place in the silence of dawn.

The children enter the church with light and candles and song.

As they sing, their voices soar up to heaven –

And I imagined that each snowflake was a musical note

Spreading a message of  hope, warmth and light.


As the concert ends, the sun has risen;

The winter darkness receded

And for a few moments, there is so much beauty

In that music

That the tears well up and fall.

Life is beautiful

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Bathing in snow

Winter is here in a flurry of snow

And it’s the busiest season of the year for us

With eight concerts in nine days!

This weekend will be full of music

And song and laughter –

But I just won’t have time to visit any of your blogs.

In a rush

(I never know whether to switch off Comments in this kind of situation

Or whether to leave them on, knowing I will not be able to respond.)

Oscar reminds me you won’t mind if I don’t visit –

I think he’s telling me to enjoying the enchantment of the season!

Snowy Oscar

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Off leash

Exuberance and joy are just other words for beauty.

(And having a huge snowfall really helps the magic too.)


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Guess what happened this week?

It finally snowed and snowed

And snowed!


Even in the horizontal, whip-the-snow-in-your-face storm

Oscar just didn’t want to come into the house.

Look at those eyes pleading

For just five more minutes of snowtime!

Milk moustache

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In the land of snow and mountains

I’m off to Norway again for a film shoot. (Lucky me, I do have a fun job!)

If you remember, I was in Roros - up in the mountains in northern Norway – in April as well.

It snowed a lot.

And the icicles were like perfect crystals against old wood.

We will be staying in the same hotel as last time – a fabulous renovated old wool factory.

It doesn’t look much on the outside, but the rooms are wonderful.

(So is the food.)

The picturesque streets are dotted with deliciously bright buildings – most are about 300 years old -

And antique stores.

You can just about see my reflection in the corner of this shot.

It will probably be snowing again this week.

But don’t worry about me – I’ll be in heaven!

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As I’ll be away for most of the week, I won’t be able to get around to all of your blogs. But thank you so much for your visit!


Last week I went to a small mining town called Roros in the Norwegian mountains.

(You can see pictures of it here.)

It snowed and snowed and I fell in love with the perfectly preserved wooden houses

That make up the town. Most of these houses are about 300 years old.

Back then, the people worked in the copper mines (now closed)

And lived in these beautiful cottages,

Although I’m sure they were considered to be the huts of the poor in those days.

Even the rubbish bins on the streets were picturesque.

Twisting lanes, old wood and the heavy snow

All added to the enchantment.

In a secret old courtyard,

I discovered Santa’s sleigh –

And then I knew I was in a fairytale

(At least for a couple of days).

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The beauty in the grey

High up in the mountains of Norway

The grey sky is laden with snow,

Which turns the slag heaps and old copper works

Into objects of beauty.

Next to the old smelting house, where copper was melted,

The waterways create graceful patterns

Topped with an icing of snow.

Even the brick tower holding the power lines

Is turned into an electric beauty.

Yes, my friends, there is beauty in the grey.

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Give love a chance

The ‘rules’ say that two male dogs will be wary of each other.

Luckily, dogs don’t know the rules

And just follow their hearts.

(Picture taken in the middle of winter when Oscar met a new friend, Eddie.)

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There’s snow business like snow business…

Last week I said we’d seen the last of the snow.

I shouldn’t have.

After all, this is Sweden where it can snow well into May.

This morning we woke up to snow. The horizontal kind.

There’s nothing like a happy dog to teach you how to enjoy the moment –

No matter what the weather.

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The last of winter

Winter is fading away and spring buds are gently showing their heads,

So now it’s time to enjoy the full glory of winter colours:

Majestic and glittering,

A world in silver and white -

And, if you’re lucky, a winter explosion of colours.

(All pictures taken in February. Please don’t feel sorry for me – spring is already on its way.)

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Let it snow!

When winter breezes in with Arctic breath

And white kisses flutter down from heaven,

Then the only way to enjoy winter –

Is to embrace it!

(It’s not really winter anymore here… but that inbetween time when we’re waiting for the warmth to come. I just couldn’t resist posting this photo though!)

Oscar enjoying - 20 C!

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March delight

Sunny days and freezing nights

Create March magic:

Sparkling snowflakes,

Trees dressed in frosty crystals

And melting snowy spikes

That freeze the face and cause delight.

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Missing you

Someone (my dog Oscar) missed me while I was gone

And now he won’t let me out of his sight.

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Of gingerbread and snow

The little wooden houses of Sweden remind me of fairy tales.

In summer, the wood glows like red rubies -

But in the winter, those red timbers really come into their own.

Topped with an icing of snow,

They resemble gingerbread houses.

So delicious, I feel I could reach out and eat one.

Even autumn leaves hanging onto the winter branches

Look like delicious gingerbread –

Or perhaps a brown coat fluttering in the wind,

Left there by someone eager for new adventures.

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A puppy enjoying her first winter

Is pure joy on furry paws.

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The old mill

You would probably walk right past this humble old cottage

If it weren’t for the sound of rushing water.

You’ll be happy you took notice –

The house is unusually tall and narrow

With marvellous old wood that speak of its age:

Three centuries in existence as the old mill house (Olhamra Mill)

That used to distribute water to the lands around it.

Nowadays, it’s a summer house

Where the owners look as if they stopped painting one of the doors

To enjoy the delight of the singing water.

Before following the bend in the road,

Make sure you turn around one last time

To enjoy the hidden beauty of this age-old jewel.

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Winter rules

When winter comes around and the cold wind is blowing,

You have to learn how to enjoy it.

Rule 1: Revel in it (and maybe take an ice bath?)

Rule 2: Explore the beauty

Rule 3: Take a look around and smile – the world is beautiful and you’re alive!

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After many long days of grey weather,

The sky delivered what the soul has been thirsting for.

Drama, beauty

And a gentle rain of sunbeams.

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