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Ruby rain

Purple drama

On the horizon,

Purple drama

Turning into

Ruby rain.

Rain passing

All we can do is stand

Humbled and awed

Before the power of nature.

Red rain

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Purple rain

Last weekend, a fierce bolt of lightning

And a thunder clap announced the arrival of rain.

Sunset storm

The lone jetty stretched out

Towards the infinity of purple rain,

Jetty and rain copy

And we enjoyed the sight of wild clouds

Rolling in over the lake before running home

Wet and exhilarated.

Storm copy

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Crocus, rejoicing

Spring rejoices in the crocus –

Covering her with ice on those cold April mornings.


Spring comes dressed

As a single purple flower;


In a happy group

Of colours;

Happy group copy

Or in a trio

Of petals and shadow and beauty.

Crocus trio copy

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Sunset post

It’s just another post…

(Excuse the pun!)


And a wild purple sunset

Enjoyed by a lone duck

In a storm.

Lone duck

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Silver spring

Last week, spring was in full bloom

With no ice on the lake

And swimming dogs in the sunset.


Today, it’s the spring equinox

And we celebrate with a silver dawn

And lots of snow.

Silver morning copy

The swans formed a heart

That seemed to be saying:

Don’t complain – just enjoy!

Grey geese

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Lavender skies

There is nothing as magnificent

As those big lavender and gold skies –

Big purple and gold sky copy

And the total joy

Of two dogs running through the purple:

Living as if someone left the gate open.

Purple sunset copy

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Blueberry swirl

Lilac dawn, cold fingers –

Boats rest

As the sky offers a gift.

Dawn 3 copy

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What better way to serenade

The late September sky of

Purple and gold


Than with a jump

Of joy –


Followed by a long moment

Enjoying the golden ripples

Of the reflected sun?


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When dawn breaks

In a purple swirl


And the promise of

A beautiful day –

Cloudy dawn

Then the best thing to do

Is say thank you

And dive right into the present.

Jump Oscar cloud

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Magical rays

Sometimes an ordinary evening

Can be transformed by rays

Breaking through the clouds

Magic rays

And a magical light

Spreading across the horizon.

I guess the same thing could be said for life.

(I’m away in England again for a wedding, so won’t be able to visit you. But thank you for visiting me!)

Magical light - sept

For more magic, please visit: Skywatch.

Putting winter on ice

The lake is now water

And the cold spring is just waiting to burst into flower and warmth (sometime soon, I hope).

But before that, I wanted to post one of my favourite photos from this winter.

The purple sunset over the iced over lake

And Oscar looking majestic.

Oscar on ice

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When the morning light hits the trees

In just the right way;

Snowscape 2

When the blue bowl of the sky

Hangs like a silken canopy over the frozen lake;


And when the sun sets

In soft pastel purples…

Then … yes then!

Winter is a glorious place to be.

Sky and snow

For more amazing skies, please visit: Skywatch.

Floating in the pink

Winter’s freezing dawn

Creates an abstract work of art;

Pink, purple, winter

Trees rise ghostly

In deliciously cold lilac dresses;

Mist and ghostly trees

And the ancient church

Floats in clouds of pink.

Cold and startling and beautiful –

Another gift from nature.

Freezing cold pink fog

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Mist, rising

The pink glow of the early setting winter sun

Enticed us outside to explore

The wonders just beyond the horizon.

Viewing the mist

It was a miracle of trees that

Seemed to float in the rising mist –

Mist rising 2

A wonder of purple and gold

Painting the fog with magic.

Mist rising copy

For more miracles, please visit: Skywatch.

Magical light

When the sky burns bright

As the sun sets

And the red turns

Into a magical purple tapestry…

Then the only response possible

Is one of wonder

And thankfulness.

For more great-full skies, please visit: Skywatch.

Living in a painting

The other day, my daughter came home from school without her friend

And so she had time to dawdle on the ten-minute walk from the station.

Time to gasp in amazement at the colours of autumn,

To breathe in the serenity of mist and mellowness

As she walked along the lake.

She burst through the door and said,

“Now I understand why you’re always outside with your camera:

We live in a beautiful painting!”

(All these are early morning shots taken on the same day.)

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Beautiful imperfection

The crocuses come early – even before the snows have finished.

Some are lovely in their vibrant perfection,

Round cups that fill with light.

They are here to remind us that spring is near.

But my favourite crocuses are the ones

That speak of the struggle to push up through the soil;

They are covered in earth;

They are tatty and battered

But there is a fierce beauty

In their vulnerability

As they gracefully bow down like petalled lampshades.

They are here to remind us of life:

Our fragility, our broken wings, our beauty.

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A colourful world

February is a a time where nothing much happens;

Where life unfolds with the rhythm of the seasons –

And splashes of colour surprise and delight:

February fog

A magical parchment sky,

A glittering rainbow world.

It’s true though that change is good for the soul,

When one kind of colourful world

Is exchanged – even though briefly – for another.

It’s nice to get away and gain a little perspective –

It helps you appreciate all the good things you already have.

The true harvest of my life is intangible – a little star dust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched. — Thoreau

The vibrancy of Time Square, NY

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Frozen lilac

Winter comes in all colours of the rainbow:

Frozen lilac  – so enchanting!

A new kind of winter magic.

Sunset at - 17 C

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After long grey days of thirsting for colour,

I finally got my chance to run out in my nightie

And scare the neighbours while taking some frosted shots.

Oh, thank you for this glorious winter sunrise

In hues of purple and pink.

The frosting on the pier is as delicious

As the patterns of sleepy water and ice

Forming on the lake.

It’s the greyness of a mild winter

That helps us appreciate the colours more.

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And Saturday Sareenity.

Happily ever after

Most stories end with the heroes riding off into the sunset

And then living happily ever after.

Most of my stories end with us admiring a silken sky

And then swimming off into the sunset.

Either way – it’s a pretty happy ending, don’t you think?

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Dancing in the dark

My neighbours are used to seeing me out with my camera in all states of dress (and undress).

So, it was no surprise when the next-door neighbour phoned to tell me that there was an interesting sky outside.

We rushed up the hill to see an eerie glow set the water alight with a purple fire.

The key to photographing sunsets is to wait

And listen to the music of nature

While the sky unfolds itself in colour.

And, if we’re paying close attention, we can learn from children

Who know how to dance in the dark

Long before adults tell them that there is no music.

For more dancing skies, please visit: Skywatch.


Dramatic moody sunset

Bringing delicious cool breezes,

Purple rain

And a lifting of spirits.

Be humble, for you are made of earth. Be noble, for you are made of stars. ~ Serbian proverb

For more loveliness, please visit: Skywatch.

Through the fence

The last day of 2010 dawned bright and glorious.

Sneaking a peek through a white wooden fence, I catch a sight of golden trees framed in the lilac shadows of the fence.

Rounding the corner, I gasp in admiration as the snow unfurls like a purple rug

And flaming trees float golden under a peaceful sky.

Remember to click the photos to enlarge them!

For more glory, please visit: Skywatch.


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