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Holding up the sky

Inside iron, you can find velvet;

Inside the hard, a soft centre –

And in the petal, there resides

The strength to hold up the sky.

Flower copy

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Swan Lake Abstract

Dazzling golden light

Dances on the lake,

Golden swan lake copy

While the swan

Sails majestically on ripples.

Golden ripples copy

As the sun sets and twilight descends,

Lake and swan

Become a beautiful abstract.

(Summer is a gorgeous time in ‘my’ backyard!)

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Abstract swan copy

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Softly spring

Spring dances in –

Two steps forward and one step back.

Frosty dawn

Frosted dawns

Give way to soft pink light.

Pink light

Blue skies are serenaded

By blur of wings and trees

Waiting to burst into bud.

Blur of wings

And winter leaves behind

A fragile reminder of its return.

Old leaf copy

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Crocus, rejoicing

Spring rejoices in the crocus –

Covering her with ice on those cold April mornings.


Spring comes dressed

As a single purple flower;


In a happy group

Of colours;

Happy group copy

Or in a trio

Of petals and shadow and beauty.

Crocus trio copy

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Pink martini

Pour me a pink martini

Out of the sky;

Pink horizon

Let my eyes get drunk

On the beauty –

Pink moon

Or serve up the moon

On ice instead.

Lake view

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Pearls of gold

It was the magical ending to a day on the frozen lake:

Pearls of gold

And the deep silence that only snow can bring.

Magical snow copy

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Golden views

All bundled up for a wintry walk.

The sighing of the setting sun

Paints the trees with gold.

Golden copy

A lone skater – on thin ice – whizzes by,

Lone skater

His singing skates echoed

By the honking farewells of the last swans of winter.


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Branching out

November grey

Turns to a delightful pink;

Early morning copy

Branches showing the way

Pink 2

To an upside-down

Pink abstract dawn.

Branches copy

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Autumn comes in pink

Autumn  sometimes

Comes wrapped in misty mornings –

And shades of pink.

Autumn is pink

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In the pink

The first frost of the season

Sprinkled the flowers

With pink and ice.

Frosted pink

Silken threads of web

Filled the spaces

Between frozen water drops.

Pink webs

The last rose of the season

Seemed more perfect in

Its imperfection


And dropped a single petal

As a farewell to summer.

Frosted petal copy

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Downy farewells

Feathered thistles…

Thistles 1

Like the soft stars of late summer

Downy stars

Take flight when autumn comes.

Farewell copy

I find a feather next to the thistles,

A keepsake from the geese

Honking in the distance.

Ready to say farewell and welcome in a new season.

Feather copy

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Be still, my heart

Creeping out at the crack of dawn

In my dressing gown…

Purple sky copy

Leaves me speechless

When I see the painted swirl

Of the dawn sky.

Purple mist copy

I gaze in wonder for a long time

And take in a deep breath

Of happiness.

Jetty copy

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Playing with light

I love the way you can hold

The summer light in your hands


And pour it over

Wild fields of clover.

Beautiful clover

The light gives a perfect auburn background

For a lone flower in the sunset.

Lovely flower copy

It caresses a tree trunk

With liquid honey

Golden trunk

That spreads out to catch

The glow of a single shining strand

Of beauty.

This is peace. This is love. This is Nature.

Single shining strand

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Paying attention

As the sun sets

Trailing behind a scarf reflected in the water –

Breathe in and out.

And pay attention to the those small golden moments.

If there is something Oscar has taught me, it is this:

The capacity for delight is the gift of paying attention to the small details of life.

Oscar -sunset copy

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Summer is short and the sun calling my name, so linking up to: Camera Critters.

Radiant sparks

I have a confession to make…

I love the lowly ‘lion’s tooth’ –

Or dandelion.

Dandy copy

They grow in fields and gardens

Like cheery suns

Or radiant sparks of light

That have fallen from heaven.

Sunny dandies

And if you’ve ever rolled in

Dandelion-studded grass,

Then you know that it’s like being

Kissed by golden suns.

Photobombed dandies

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Rush hour

There’s nothing I enjoy more

Than rush hour on the lake

When water, birds and light

Become beautiful abstract art.

Evening rush

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Swan light

I do believe

The wings of the swan

Love the light of the setting sun.


Swan sunset copy

“Sometimes I need
only to stand
wherever I am
to be blessed.” — Mary Oliver

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Burnished copper

On Earth Day, nature gave us the gift

Of big rolling skies and dramatic clouds;

Big light

Of our local jetty, finally revealed

As the ice melted away

To leave a lake of burnished copper.

Lovely light

The canopy of the sky

Seemed so close and so beautiful

That all we had to do was reach up

And touch it.

Holding up the sky

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Snow fairies

I love it when the snow fairies come to visit:

Turning pine trees into candles;

Snow candles copy

Decorating reeds

With garlands of ice –

Ice crystals

And giving them hair-dos

Made out of spiky crystals.

Spiky copy

The sunlight filters through

Icy fairy art to warm a long-forgotten leaf

Filtered sunlight

And to remind us that we are intertwined –

Together, we can make

The mundane magic.

Intertwined copy

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Golden lace

About a month ago, the ice was finally thick enough

For the snowplough to come and make an ice skating track around the lake.

This was happy news as I was finally able to walk over the lake

To enjoy the beauty of the setting sun

Winter susnset

As it cast its net of light

And turned branches into golden lace.

Golden lace

I met a woman out with her camera too –

And for a few minutes, we shared a bond

As we enjoyed the simple gift of the sinking sun.

Taking photos

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Floating in the pink

Winter’s freezing dawn

Creates an abstract work of art;

Pink, purple, winter

Trees rise ghostly

In deliciously cold lilac dresses;

Mist and ghostly trees

And the ancient church

Floats in clouds of pink.

Cold and startling and beautiful –

Another gift from nature.

Freezing cold pink fog

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Poem to heaven

The first time I saw this white wooden church

I gasped in amazement at its beauty.

Ljusterö sky copy

It started out as a simple chapel built in the 1700s –

And then in the mid-1800s, it was expanded

And the old clock tower replaced with a new one.

LJusterö front

The white wooden planking,

The delicate leaded windows –

Such simple and exquisite beauty

Iced with snow and love.

The lovely and talented RED has interviewed me. So, if you want to know more about me or my photography tips, then please do visit her and say hi. You can find her at Amazing Australian Adventures.

Ljusterö copy

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Swan lake

Sometimes the silence and the grey

Descend so softly

That you can almost hear the peace of the cloudy reflections.

Later on, the moody skies

Turn purple

And the old jetty seems to stretch out

Towards the swans

Dancing on the edge of infinity.

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Raindrops keep falling

It’s been an unusually mild and wet autumn so far…

The soft rain makes art out of a humble fence

And turns a bench into a diamond-studded wonder.

And best of all, it lends beauty

To the graceful head of a flower:

Reminding us that bowed is not defeated

And that the best thing to do when it rains

Is to let it.

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