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Crocus, rejoicing

Spring rejoices in the crocus –

Covering her with ice on those cold April mornings.


Spring comes dressed

As a single purple flower;


In a happy group

Of colours;

Happy group copy

Or in a trio

Of petals and shadow and beauty.

Crocus trio copy

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Love locked

Some people say that Paris is the most romantic city in the world.

It could be because of the magnificent views of old buildings;

Or the romantic bridges criss-crossing the Seine.

More locks on bridge

Whatever the reason, the bridges of Paris are famous

For their hundreds of love locks –

Close-up locks

Most with the names of couples written on them

To signify eternal love.

To infinity

One of the most famous bridges with locks is very near Notre Dame Cathedral.

It’s been standing for at least 800 years — a testament of love and faith –

And it makes the loves and losses of our lives

Seems like the brief and passing beauty of a candle flame.

ND figures copy

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Winter has been so brief this year…

Just like life, the ice crystals

Created art for only a short while.

Icy metal copy

Metal poles on the jetty

Became abstract things of beauty.

Abstract ice

Ice turned trees

Into silver tapestries.


And at the foot of the ladder on the jetty –

A heart of ice

Warmed the day.


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Silent snow

A couple of weekends ago, it started to snow

And snow and snow.


Nature softened her contours

As everything – including Oscar – was buried in lovely white flakes.

Oscar buried

Twigs sprouted snow cones;

Snow hat copy

People and dogs frolicked in the blizzard.

(Look at those Yoda ears!)


And afterwards, we enjoyed the silence

Of a fresh carpet of diamonds.


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Drops of beauty

In nature – as in photography – even the smallest details

Can be a great subject.

Monochrome copy

Take the simple raindrop

As it adorns late autumn plants,

Droplets copy

Turns leaves

Into tiny cups of water

Cups of water

And see how it frames and enhances

A lilac-petalled beauty.

Passion flower copy

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Walking through history

A couple of months ago, I had a recording job in Stockholm’s medieval Old Town.

I arrived early with my camera so I could take you on a historical walk.

Let’s start off with Stockholm’s oldest – and most iconic – square.

Main square

The main streets are usually full of tourists in the summer,

So it might be a good idea to wander down some of the colourful side streets.

(Notice the decorative electrical box.)

Decorative box

As the sun struggled over the narrow, dark streets

The house facades lit up in lovely pastel colours.

Street with sun copy

Further on, right next to the Royal Castle,

I was mesmerized by the symmetrical beauty

Of an old building being renovated.

Renovation copy

A few houses along the street, I glanced up

To look at the soaring tower of Stockholm’s oldest church.

Church view copy

Finally, it was time to go to Priest’s Street,

Where I had enough time to admire

The postbox (where residents collect their mail)

Painted to look like the very houses on the street.

I must say that history has never looked as

Poetic as it does on these old cobbled streets.

Postbox copy

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Fleeting beauty

There is nothing as joyful

As walking underneath the pink clouds

(Waving gently in the wind)

Of the sakura or Japanese cherry blossoms.

Blur copy

They remind us that life

Is intense and fleeting

Bright copy

As it follows the natural cycles

Of birth and death and renewal.


They flower for such a short time, like us,

And remind us that we too are as beautiful

And transient as a cherry blossom.

Open and shut copy

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Nature often holds up a mirror

To show us change as one season glides into another,

(This is winter going into spring.)


It shows us renewal and transformation through stormy phases

Stormy jetty

And, finally, softens into peace and beauty.

(All shots are of my local lake over the past couple of weeks.)


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Snow fairies

I love it when the snow fairies come to visit:

Turning pine trees into candles;

Snow candles copy

Decorating reeds

With garlands of ice –

Ice crystals

And giving them hair-dos

Made out of spiky crystals.

Spiky copy

The sunlight filters through

Icy fairy art to warm a long-forgotten leaf

Filtered sunlight

And to remind us that we are intertwined –

Together, we can make

The mundane magic.

Intertwined copy

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A blue dream

A clear blue winter sky

Lends its colour to the ice beneath my feet.

My furry friend and I

Dance on sapphires

In the early morning light.

On ice dog copy

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Poem to heaven

The first time I saw this white wooden church

I gasped in amazement at its beauty.

Ljusterö sky copy

It started out as a simple chapel built in the 1700s –

And then in the mid-1800s, it was expanded

And the old clock tower replaced with a new one.

LJusterö front

The white wooden planking,

The delicate leaded windows –

Such simple and exquisite beauty

Iced with snow and love.

The lovely and talented RED has interviewed me. So, if you want to know more about me or my photography tips, then please do visit her and say hi. You can find her at Amazing Australian Adventures.

Ljusterö copy

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Building bridges

This photo was taken during the deliciously cold winter of 2010.

I like the symbolism of the bridge connecting two small islands of land:

It reminds me that we are all connected

And that it’s never too late to reach out

And mend bridges.

Stop being who you were, and change into who you are. — Paulo Coelho
Cold bridge

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Talking leaves

It starts as a whisper…

Urging me to go outside and discover the beauty of the day.

I think it’s the leaves talking, don’t you?

Sometimes the September sun is so bright

That you just can’t help posing in its gold;

Other times, the early morning mist

Creates a  soft scarf of wisps,

And as you walk on,

You might discover a tiny universe of dew

Or the grand sight of a heron basking in the first rays of light

Before flying off into the distance –

Leaving you all the richer for having seen his graceful flight.

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On the slag heap

As you know, I was in Roros, Norway, last week.

Roros is an old copper mining town so it is dominated by slag heaps (a by-product of copper smelting).

The slag heaps are like small mountains – just going to show how much activity there was here during the 333 years the copper works were open.

If you climb up the slag heaps, you get a great view of the ancient timber town -

And of the other feature that dominates the landscape: the stone church.

Looking the other way, you can see the farms and the mountains -

And yes, there was snow on them even in June.

What moved me most was Sleggveien street: a street with tiny tiny houses,

They must have been about half the size of a normal house,

Where travellers and casual labourers lived and worked.

The old wooden houses must have been very cold in the winter.

They look so poor (and picturesque) as they stand there squeezed right up to the slag heaps.

(Not far to walk though for your ten-hour shift in the mine.)

And oh – those wonderful turf roofs! Some had wildflowers and even small trees growing on them.

I’m away filming in the south of Sweden, so please excuse me if I don’t get around to all your blogs. THANK YOU so much for your visit!

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In the land of snow and mountains

I’m off to Norway again for a film shoot. (Lucky me, I do have a fun job!)

If you remember, I was in Roros - up in the mountains in northern Norway – in April as well.

It snowed a lot.

And the icicles were like perfect crystals against old wood.

We will be staying in the same hotel as last time – a fabulous renovated old wool factory.

It doesn’t look much on the outside, but the rooms are wonderful.

(So is the food.)

The picturesque streets are dotted with deliciously bright buildings – most are about 300 years old -

And antique stores.

You can just about see my reflection in the corner of this shot.

It will probably be snowing again this week.

But don’t worry about me – I’ll be in heaven!

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As I’ll be away for most of the week, I won’t be able to get around to all of your blogs. But thank you so much for your visit!

Making wishes

Warning: This may be disturbing for passionate gardeners!

The poor maligned dandelion

Is really a miracle.

A drop of bright sun in the garden

That turns into a silken parachute.

It glows like a ruby in the sunset

Before ending its life on the wind –

And making wishes come true.

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Laughing in flowers

Spring sent me a bouquet of tulips

As a reminder that rays of beauty

Are also important in this modern world

Of practicality.

Or in the words of Basho:
The temple bell stops but I still hear the sound coming out of the flowers. 

Spring also sent me a wonderful reminder

To stop, to wonder

And to take the time to smell the flowers.

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Last week I went to a small mining town called Roros in the Norwegian mountains.

(You can see pictures of it here.)

It snowed and snowed and I fell in love with the perfectly preserved wooden houses

That make up the town. Most of these houses are about 300 years old.

Back then, the people worked in the copper mines (now closed)

And lived in these beautiful cottages,

Although I’m sure they were considered to be the huts of the poor in those days.

Even the rubbish bins on the streets were picturesque.

Twisting lanes, old wood and the heavy snow

All added to the enchantment.

In a secret old courtyard,

I discovered Santa’s sleigh –

And then I knew I was in a fairytale

(At least for a couple of days).

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Golden drops (or how to make a fool of yourself)

Winter has returned with ice and snow.

A couple of mornings ago, the sun was shining

And the icy drops on a rail were shining like golden pearls.

People going to catch the train wondered what on earth I was photographing

As I squatted there with my bottom up in the air.

A little while later, I took up my weird squatting position

To capture the newly-melted snow on the brave head of a crocus.

I passed a garden with a wooden fence that had holes in it.

Once again, I no doubt looked like a crazy woman as I peered

Through to see a friendly bunch of snowdrops on the other side.

Then I caught sight of a diamond shining next to some fluffy buds.

Finally, something I could photograph with grace!

(Oh, the things we do for our blogs…)

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Of gingerbread and snow

The little wooden houses of Sweden remind me of fairy tales.

In summer, the wood glows like red rubies -

But in the winter, those red timbers really come into their own.

Topped with an icing of snow,

They resemble gingerbread houses.

So delicious, I feel I could reach out and eat one.

Even autumn leaves hanging onto the winter branches

Look like delicious gingerbread –

Or perhaps a brown coat fluttering in the wind,

Left there by someone eager for new adventures.

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