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Autumn is a glowing time of year:


When trees glow

And leaves catch fire.

On fire

It’s a joyful time

Of dewy play


And swans

Showing off their families on the local lake.

Swan family

And, if you’re lucky,

You can catch frosted jewels

Among the leaves.

Frost copy

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Rainbow wishes

The golden evening light of late summer

Transforms even the humblest of flowers

Into works of art:


From downy pillows of fluff

To small wishes ready for take off.

Take off copy

And if you’re lucky,

You might even see a dandelion rainbow.


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Puppy tales

I’m away in Gothenburg this week so won’t be around to visit you,

But I want to leave you with some sweet pictures of Ruby and her three-week-old puppies.

Ruby was very happy to see us – and we we were overjoyed to see her.

Ruby and pups

Her pups were constantly calling for attention –

Who could resist that sweet tail?

Puppy tail

They were very affectionate

And not afraid of us at all.

Pup in arms

In fact, they seemed to find some of us

Very tasty indeed!

(More puppy pictures coming up next week.)

Beard and pup

I’ll be back on Thursday with a new post.

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Crocus, rejoicing

Spring rejoices in the crocus –

Covering her with ice on those cold April mornings.


Spring comes dressed

As a single purple flower;


In a happy group

Of colours;

Happy group copy

Or in a trio

Of petals and shadow and beauty.

Crocus trio copy

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Love locked

Some people say that Paris is the most romantic city in the world.

It could be because of the magnificent views of old buildings;

Or the romantic bridges criss-crossing the Seine.

More locks on bridge

Whatever the reason, the bridges of Paris are famous

For their hundreds of love locks –

Close-up locks

Most with the names of couples written on them

To signify eternal love.

To infinity

One of the most famous bridges with locks is very near Notre Dame Cathedral.

It’s been standing for at least 800 years — a testament of love and faith –

And it makes the loves and losses of our lives

Seems like the brief and passing beauty of a candle flame.

ND figures copy

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Winter has been so brief this year…

Just like life, the ice crystals

Created art for only a short while.

Icy metal copy

Metal poles on the jetty

Became abstract things of beauty.

Abstract ice

Ice turned trees

Into silver tapestries.


And at the foot of the ladder on the jetty –

A heart of ice

Warmed the day.


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Silent snow

A couple of weekends ago, it started to snow

And snow and snow.


Nature softened her contours

As everything – including Oscar – was buried in lovely white flakes.

Oscar buried

Twigs sprouted snow cones;

Snow hat copy

People and dogs frolicked in the blizzard.

(Look at those Yoda ears!)


And afterwards, we enjoyed the silence

Of a fresh carpet of diamonds.


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Drops of beauty

In nature – as in photography – even the smallest details

Can be a great subject.

Monochrome copy

Take the simple raindrop

As it adorns late autumn plants,

Droplets copy

Turns leaves

Into tiny cups of water

Cups of water

And see how it frames and enhances

A lilac-petalled beauty.

Passion flower copy

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Walking through history

A couple of months ago, I had a recording job in Stockholm’s medieval Old Town.

I arrived early with my camera so I could take you on a historical walk.

Let’s start off with Stockholm’s oldest – and most iconic – square.

Main square

The main streets are usually full of tourists in the summer,

So it might be a good idea to wander down some of the colourful side streets.

(Notice the decorative electrical box.)

Decorative box

As the sun struggled over the narrow, dark streets

The house facades lit up in lovely pastel colours.

Street with sun copy

Further on, right next to the Royal Castle,

I was mesmerized by the symmetrical beauty

Of an old building being renovated.

Renovation copy

A few houses along the street, I glanced up

To look at the soaring tower of Stockholm’s oldest church.

Church view copy

Finally, it was time to go to Priest’s Street,

Where I had enough time to admire

The postbox (where residents collect their mail)

Painted to look like the very houses on the street.

I must say that history has never looked as

Poetic as it does on these old cobbled streets.

Postbox copy

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Fleeting beauty

There is nothing as joyful

As walking underneath the pink clouds

(Waving gently in the wind)

Of the sakura or Japanese cherry blossoms.

Blur copy

They remind us that life

Is intense and fleeting

Bright copy

As it follows the natural cycles

Of birth and death and renewal.


They flower for such a short time, like us,

And remind us that we too are as beautiful

And transient as a cherry blossom.

Open and shut copy

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