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Smell the flowers

Summer is here with its sun, its rain

And its beauty.

Time to enjoy the present, be outside more

And smell the flowers.

(This means I might not be able to visit you at the weekend.

But, as always, your warmth and comments are always much appreciated.)

Smell the flowers copy

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Say it with flowers

Is there a more delightful sight

Than a happy dog

In flowers?

Oscar in dandies

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Radiant sparks

I have a confession to make…

I love the lowly ‘lion’s tooth’ –

Or dandelion.

Dandy copy

They grow in fields and gardens

Like cheery suns

Or radiant sparks of light

That have fallen from heaven.

Sunny dandies

And if you’ve ever rolled in

Dandelion-studded grass,

Then you know that it’s like being

Kissed by golden suns.

Photobombed dandies

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There’s snow place like winter

As winter slowly slowly melts away…

It’s good to look back and see it was a good year for snow noses –

Snow on nose

And snow moustaches.

Oscar-purple ball copy

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Snow face

No matter who you are

Or what you look like,

Squirrel copy

A bad hair day can be much improved

By adding some extra sparkle and snow!

Snow face

I’m off to Paris with my daughter for a few days, so please excuse me if I don’t visit you.

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Looking for snow

Oh look!

It’s Oscar.

He’s found some snow…

Finding Christmas

And a beautiful smile.

(A positive attitude and a great smile really are the best beauty aids, don’t you think?)

Happy snow boy

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Sugar face

May your days be sprinkled with glitter

Sugar, laughter

And joy –

With a dash of magic and snowflakes

For good luck.

Oscar sends you all licks and love!

Sugar face copy

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And the Oscar goes to…

Please indulge me as I celebrate Oscar’s tenth birthday with some … well … Oscars (and very bad puns).

Oscar for best smile…

(Muzzle tof!)

Oscar for best yoga position …

(It’s ruff, but he can do it.)

And, of course, Oscar for best swimmer.

Paws for thought…

Perhaps that should be an Olympic Gold for swimming instead?

This is the end of my birthday tail –

You kennel stop growling at my bad puns now.

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Into the boundless

Forget the years, forget distinctions. Leap into the boundless and make it your home! — Zhuangzi

It’s summer and time

To throw yourself into the blue

If you’re a dog called Oscar.

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Oh the conflict between being obedient and waiting for permission to swim –

And the overwhelming desire to jump in as soon as possible.

St. Augustine once said that “Patience is the companion of wisdom.”

I’m sure this is why I will never be as wise as Oscar.

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The future is made up of nows

Sometimes  — when we lose sight of the important things in life –

It takes a child or a dog to remind us

That life isn’t to be lived in the future

But in the now.

Or in the words of Mae West, “Too much of a good thing can be wonderful.”

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The last of winter

Winter is fading away and spring buds are gently showing their heads,

So now it’s time to enjoy the full glory of winter colours:

Majestic and glittering,

A world in silver and white -

And, if you’re lucky, a winter explosion of colours.

(All pictures taken in February. Please don’t feel sorry for me – spring is already on its way.)

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Missing you

Someone (my dog Oscar) missed me while I was gone

And now he won’t let me out of his sight.

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Skinny dipping

Nearly mid-November and a chill in the air.

Perfect weather for skinny dipping!

The moon slipped into the cool water with silver grace.

The dog looked longingly – in his familiar place – into the purple glow,

And gave into temptation –

Creating delicious ripples in the satin sheet of water.

In the last light of dusk,

A family of feathered beauties

Bathed in the purple moonlight.

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Doing what he does best

No matter how cold it gets,

In frost or snow,

Oscar is always ready to dive into rainbows

And swim in waters of reflected skies of blue.

After all, there’s nothing more satisfying than

Doing what you love.

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Shake it, shake it – baby!



Wet dog.

This is my favourite kind of shake! What’s yours?

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For all you fans of the My World meme. The meme has now become Our World Tuesday and has moved to a new web site. You will be able to post there from next week (Monday evening).

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Meadow sweet

Summer sent me the joy of velvet green grass

Sprinkled with meadow flowers and clover

And a happy wet dog.

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Birthday boy

He’s charming, good-looking and very sweet-natured.

He’s good at swimming and running and carrying things…


…. in his mouth.

He’s also a good kisser, an excellent alarm clock – oh, and very hairy!

Now, if he could only go to the toilet by himself and do the cooking, I’d ask him to move in with me!

Wait a minute – I already did… three and a half years ago!

My 8-yr-old, Oscar – who puts colour, the smell of wet dog and exercise into my life!

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How to be as happy as a dog

Here are Oscar’s tips on how to find joy.

Have fun.

Oscar drying himself after a swim

Make space for the spiritual.

Say 'Ohm!'

And get plenty of love and rest.

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