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Magical rays

Sometimes an ordinary evening

Can be transformed by rays

Breaking through the clouds

Magic rays

And a magical light

Spreading across the horizon.

I guess the same thing could be said for life.

(I’m away in England again for a wedding, so won’t be able to visit you. But thank you for visiting me!)

Magical light - sept

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Swan light

I do believe

The wings of the swan

Love the light of the setting sun.


Swan sunset copy

“Sometimes I need
only to stand
wherever I am
to be blessed.” — Mary Oliver

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Snowy walk

A few weeks ago, the sun was shining

And the diamonds danced on the snow.

A perfect day for a walk with my furry buddy, Oscar.

Start the walk

This boat has been adrift

On the snowy landscape all winter.

Snow boat

Our neighbours placed their impressive gingerbread church

Outside for us – and the birds – to enjoy.

Gingerbread house

Walking down twisty lanes

I spied a vibrant splash of colour in someone’s garden:

An old red pump.

Red gas pump copy

On the way home, we crossed the railway lines

In time to see the train disappearing

In a magical golden mist.

I felt as if I were living out a dream

In this enchanted winter wonderland.

Golden otherworld

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Mist, rising

The pink glow of the early setting winter sun

Enticed us outside to explore

The wonders just beyond the horizon.

Viewing the mist

It was a miracle of trees that

Seemed to float in the rising mist –

Mist rising 2

A wonder of purple and gold

Painting the fog with magic.

Mist rising copy

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Sugar face

May your days be sprinkled with glitter

Sugar, laughter

And joy –

With a dash of magic and snowflakes

For good luck.

Oscar sends you all licks and love!

Sugar face copy

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Spring light

Spring is all about

Flowers waiting to unfurl

And reach their full potential.

It’s about the lone wild daffodil

Growing on the shore of the lake.

It’s about the wild weeds

That are as beautiful as flowers.

(Yes – that’s Oscar in the background.)

And – most of all – it’s about

The magical light of being.

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Golden motes of light


When the light is just right

And the shadows weave a tapestry with the sun –

If you take the time to look closely and marvel

Even the humblest sight – like a cloud of midges -

Can become a magnificent and beautiful cloud of gold dust

Reminding us that we all have hidden depths and beauty within.

A cloud of midges glowing in the sunset

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Frozen magic

Things have been magically cold over here!

Lustrous black locks are frosted in ice after a 15-minute-walk in -25°C.

The radiant smile is warming though.

Winter jackets are sprinkled with sugary snow as little boys plunge their way through hip-deep snow.

And there, amidst the swirling cream of a snowstorm, a girl’s purple gloves

Make the most of the moment.

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Cloud dancing

Is there anything more delightful than dancing in the clouds

And weaving rainbows to wear in your hair?

And what is more magical than watching fire

Melt into glowing embers in the sky?

And there, in the softness at the end of the day,

You can find enchantment and beauty and love.

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Magic moment

Happy hour down at the local lake. A moment of utter joy and beauty.

(Click to enlarge.)

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The man with the silver cane

Last week, it was Valborg. There we were, entranced by the fire: faces toasty hot; backs chilly in the cold of the evening.

He was standing next to us: an old man with a face whose map showed each mountain range climbed, each river sailed upon and each new path explored. The wrinkles spoke of adventure and spirit as did his twinkling eyes.

His child-like spirit shone through, diminishing his age as gnarled hands rested on the silver-topped cane. The spellbound kids listened as he told us wild tales of how – back in the 1960s – he had stood on this same spot in a snowstorm,  and with snow higher than the tops of his boots, as they lit the bonfire and sung songs about spring.

“It was a crazy year!” he declared laughing.

When I asked him if his cane was magic, he said that yes, it was. Inside the mundane exterior, he kept his magic wand. He didn’t use it every day, but took it out to spread magic around on special occasions.

I came to think of how this old man was just like his cane: an ordinary old man on the outside, with a heart of gold and wondrous tales to tell on the inside.

That is, after all, the magic and beauty of life, don’t you think?


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