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Pearls of gold

It was the magical ending to a day on the frozen lake:

Pearls of gold

And the deep silence that only snow can bring.

Magical snow copy

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Golden views

All bundled up for a wintry walk.

The sighing of the setting sun

Paints the trees with gold.

Golden copy

A lone skater – on thin ice – whizzes by,

Lone skater

His singing skates echoed

By the honking farewells of the last swans of winter.


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Honey glow

In nature, light is the colour

And when the sun bursts through winter gloom

It makes everything glow –


Even the humble frosted bud

Glowing bud copy

And the honeyed tree,

Shining like a star.

Lone tree

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Sky with a large helping of dog

To celebrate Oscar’s 11th birthday,

Oscar sunset

I’m showing some classic summer sunsets over our lake

Oscar -sunset copy

Decorated, of course, with an extra big helping

Of dog.

Oscar_jetty copy

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Frosted dog

The cooler weather has given Oscar a new lease of life.

He’s always ready to play a game of ball…

Play with me copy

Look at those ears flapping in the autumn sunshine –

“We have lift off!” they seem to be saying.

Frosty dog copy

Another fun game is hiding in the leaves

And hoping I won’t be able to find him.


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(We’ll be out in the autumn sun, so please excuse me if I don’t get around to visiting you all this weekend.)

Reflecting clouds

The nights are drawing in,

So Oscar and I made some time to enjoy

The calm of a beautiful evening,

Oscar sunset

Making sure we studied the clouds

From several different angles and jetties.

Oscar jetty

A bird flew by,

The clouds kissed the water,

Serenity and silence settled in for the night.


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Floating away

Choose a golden ray –

Melt into the air

And float away

Like a balloon riding on a sunbeam.

Balloons copy

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(It’s just the anklebiters, the dog and myself on a private island for a few days, so I may be a bit late in visiting you all.)

Golden bowl

The longest day (and shortest night)

Threw the sun against

The golden bowl of the sky

Golden 1 copy

And wrapped up the lake

In ribbons of cloud.

Golden 2

Gone half past ten at night

And still light.

An infinity of reflected beauty.

Golden 3

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The golden

Come sit with us a while –

You don’t need to speak –

It’s enough to let our hearts swell

With golden joy.

Oscar on jetty copy

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Wispy ears and love

Everyone should have a loyal friend –

With or without wispy ears –

Oscar - wispy ears

To share a sunset with.

Oscar - sunset

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La lumiere d’oree

That golden evening light

Painted a lovely picture of tower and sky

Eiffel skies copy

And lampposts that seemed to throw back

Golden orbs into infinity.

Golden light

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Golden cold

Who knew that the cold

Could be so enticing –

Sunny reeds copy

And so warmingly


Bright and cold copy

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Golden lace

About a month ago, the ice was finally thick enough

For the snowplough to come and make an ice skating track around the lake.

This was happy news as I was finally able to walk over the lake

To enjoy the beauty of the setting sun

Winter susnset

As it cast its net of light

And turned branches into golden lace.

Golden lace

I met a woman out with her camera too –

And for a few minutes, we shared a bond

As we enjoyed the simple gift of the sinking sun.

Taking photos

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Cathedral of light

A rare and magnificent gift from winter:

A cathedral of light.


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Chasing the light

The skies over the past few weeks have been grey –

So I’ve been chasing down the light.

I found it framed in golden fog

Hanging over the lake;


It danced over the football field

On fairy rainbow feet.

Snow rainbow

And, there – at last -

Like a cold winter flower

It blossomed in rays of light.

Rays in trees

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Festive greetings

No matter whether you are enjoying the balmy skies

Of a warm Christmas

Christmas 2

Or the golden chills

Of a cold December –

I want to wish you all a wonderfully

Joyful and lovely holiday season;

And to thank you all for taking the time

To visit my little blog.

As my kids like to say:

“Christmas is not just about the presents,

It’s about love and family time.”


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Sailing without a wind

One evening, I was out enjoying the pink rippled effect

On the silk of the lake

When a sailboat came into view.

It was a magically, calm evening – not a breath of breeze in the air…

The lesson seemed to be this:

As we set sail across the oceans of our own lives

We have to remember that the strength lies within us

To get to our haven – even when there is no wind to help us on our way.

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A true gift

So many summer gifts –

Two best buddies hanging out by the lake

And a spectacular sunset to lift the soul.

The best gift you can give anyone

Is a part of yourself.

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And Camera Critters.

Be dazzled

You’re never too old

Or too young

To enjoy the rich, vibrant honey

Of a dazzling sunset

With your best buddy –

(Makes it even sweeter if you’re brother and sister).

Thank you everyone for entering my give-away. The lucky winner is the amazing Inner Chick - do visit and say hi to her!

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Double dose of golden

There’s gold in the August sky

And a golden in the water.

Life doesn’t get much better than this!

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Golden wings


The evening comes


On golden wings.

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A bench in the sun

As the sun sets in a blaze of glory,

There is no better place to watch the play

Of cloud and light

Than on a bench in the setting sun.

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Golden glow


The sun – just like life -

Burns us not with its heat,

But with its passion,

Its beauty

And its golden glow.

(And yes, it was a very cold sunset!)

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Golden moments

“Let the beauty we love be what we do. 
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” 

My daughter and I are off to New York to seek adventure and golden moments.
I won’t be able to visit you all for about a week, but do pop in again as I have a scheduled post for you in a few days.


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