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Recipe for happiness

First, find out which way is up

And which way is down.

Totte - where is his face

Then, throw a snowball

Again and again.

Pure happiness achieved!

Totte - big jump

These photos of the Old English Sheepdog Totte were taken before the lake froze over

And the really heavy snows arrived.

Totte 1

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Setting the record straight…

Some people call us dumb animals.

It’s time to tell the truth.





Do these glasses make me look too geeky?

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It’s raining again – torrential, monsoon-like; big, fat, wet, snake-like drops.

As I kit up for another adventurous walk with the dog, my son comforts me with these words: “Lucky that skin is water-proof, mama!”

I head out of the door with a smile on my face.


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