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The yin and yang of flying

The noise is what first attracted me.

A huge commotion of wings and flapping.

Swans are so ungainly when trying to take off for flight

Yet so graceful in the air.

Rainbow swan

The up and down of their wings,

The harmony, the pain and the beauty,

The yin and yang of life.

In flight

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Trust in wings

This bird on the neighbours’ apple tree

Reminds me of that saying about

Birds not being afraid of the branches breaking

Because they trust in their own wings.

That self-confidence is the greatest gift

We can give our children.

Bird on blossom

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Wispy ears and love

Everyone should have a loyal friend –

With or without wispy ears –

Oscar - wispy ears

To share a sunset with.

Oscar - sunset

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Musical birds

After the silence of winter,

Spring makes itself heard in the loud

Symphony of birds

Twittering, singing, warbling.

It’s a feathered harmony of music!

Fire sky copy

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You never know what might be waiting for you

Over the brow of that hill you’re struggling to climb;

(Can you see Oscar waiting for me?)

Oscar waiting

Or what small delights await

Around the corner.

Wait for me

Please forgive me if I don’t get around to visiting you this weekend.

We’re having problems with the Internet, which makes it incredibly slow and painful to visit blogs at the moment.

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True grit, love and snow

A girl, an Icelandic horse and a snowstorm.

For me, this embodies stoicism,

Spirit, true grit

And love.

Snowy horse copy

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Making your own pattern

Sometimes in the middle of winter

I like to nourish myself

With the patterns and colours

And silhouettes of vibrant summer.

This shot reminds me that

You don’t always have to go with the flow –

Going against it can also create beauty.

Summery memory

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Enjoying winter

Please do not disturb…

Don't disturb

I’m busy enjoying winter.

Let us love winter,
for it is the spring of genius.
Pietro Aretino

You called?

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Looking for snow

Oh look!

It’s Oscar.

He’s found some snow…

Finding Christmas

And a beautiful smile.

(A positive attitude and a great smile really are the best beauty aids, don’t you think?)

Happy snow boy

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The faithful companion

She appeared out of the sunlight

Walking stately yet with the limp of old age.

She looked kindly at me and Oscar -

Then turned back.

She waited for her old owner as she hobbled towards us on crutches.

“Please take a picture of Tosca!” she cried.

“She’s my only company now that my husband has died.”

Her faithful companion posed regally for her portrait

Before returning to her owner’s side.

(Today I printed out these two shots on big glossy paper and delivered them to Tosca’s house.

Big smiles all round.)

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The winged sky

We’ve had some deliciously foggy October mornings

That part to reveal unexpected pleasures.

The geese honk their farewells loudly

As they sail above me in the mist.

My spirits rise up

And I let my worries float away on the winged sky.

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Stormy weather

It’s been a very cold, stormy June so far and I’ve been wearing my woolly hat and gloves.

But the light, the storm clouds – just exhilarating!

I love the way the duck is moving from the stormy waves

To that calm patch of water.

It reminds me of life:

That after the rough patches,

There will be peace.

It’s going to be a busy few days with end-of-term celebrations and birthday parties. So please forgive me if I don’t get round to visiting everyone.

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Tiptoe through the tulips

Spring is about pollen


And being knee-deep in flowers.

When you’re surrounded by petalled reminders of joy,

You just can’t help smiling…

Especially if you’re a dog.

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Oh the conflict between being obedient and waiting for permission to swim –

And the overwhelming desire to jump in as soon as possible.

St. Augustine once said that “Patience is the companion of wisdom.”

I’m sure this is why I will never be as wise as Oscar.

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The joys of life

A dog’s wisdom:




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Give love a chance

The ‘rules’ say that two male dogs will be wary of each other.

Luckily, dogs don’t know the rules

And just follow their hearts.

(Picture taken in the middle of winter when Oscar met a new friend, Eddie.)

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The last of winter

Winter is fading away and spring buds are gently showing their heads,

So now it’s time to enjoy the full glory of winter colours:

Majestic and glittering,

A world in silver and white -

And, if you’re lucky, a winter explosion of colours.

(All pictures taken in February. Please don’t feel sorry for me – spring is already on its way.)

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Let it snow!

When winter breezes in with Arctic breath

And white kisses flutter down from heaven,

Then the only way to enjoy winter –

Is to embrace it!

(It’s not really winter anymore here… but that inbetween time when we’re waiting for the warmth to come. I just couldn’t resist posting this photo though!)

Oscar enjoying - 20 C!

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Kisses from heaven

You can rant against the snow

Or say that they are kisses from heaven.

In which case, I consider myself well and truly kissed this winter.

In farewell to the snowy season, I’m posting one of my favourite winter shots that sums up – for me – the magic and beauty of the season.

A perfect snowflake glittering on a branch

And a blackbird in the background singing in the cold regardless.

Not a bad way to approach life.

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Ogden Nash once declared that a door is what a dog is always on the wrong side of.

Or, in this case, a window.

Not any old window, but the neighbours’ igloo window.

I sat there (in the igloo) for a while – just enjoying the tail end of the day…

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How to be as happy as a dog

Here are Oscar’s tips on how to find joy.

Have fun.

Oscar drying himself after a swim

Make space for the spiritual.

Say 'Ohm!'

And get plenty of love and rest.

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Excuse me waiter, but there’s a snake in my soup!

Most people don’t pee on snakes like I do. They tend to leave them alone. Or if they live in a country where a snake bite can kill you more quickly than you can say, “I’ve been bitten!” then the inhabitants are trained from birth to kill them (the snakes, not the people shouting “I’ve been bitten.”)

Such was the case in China. Many a time the shout would be heard, “Snake!” and people would rush out of their classrooms with sticks to chase the snake away.

But not all snakes managed to escape — as this unfortunate story goes to show…

When I lived in China, I had the upstairs flat; the other VSO volunteer lived downstairs and also on the ground floor was a room housing our two interpreters.

One night as I was dozing in the heavy, drowsy heat of summer, I heard a terrible shouting.

I rushed downstairs to the interpreters’ room just in time to see an enormous green tree python snaking its way in through the window.

Pythons are not poisonous, so together with the girls’ boyfriends, we took brooms and chased the snake out of the door and outside.

Where we hoped it would do the sensible thing and find another shady tree to lie in.

I went upstairs and fell asleep.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

The loudspeakers woke me up, as usual, at 5 am and I groggily jogged downstairs to go to the university sports arena to do early morning exercises with my students.

Imagine my surprise when the sight of a fat green python greeted me at the bottom of the stairs!

I almost died of fright until I realized that the snake already had (died, that is).

Apparently, it had decided to slither back into the room – under the door – and got very aggressive when it got stuck and the boys had killed it. (Somehow, I managed to sleep through all the screaming that accompanied this event…)

After teaching morning lessons, my eager students returned to the flat with me as they all knew that there was a surprise waiting for me in the fridge. (A huge luxury, I know, and one that worked as long as we had electricity – which wasn’t very often.)

I opened the fridge and there, in my honour (after all, I was called Plofessor Peony by my students) was the skeleton of the python curled up in its own fat. Just heat it up and it would be snake soup, I was told.

Not my cup of tea soup, so I invited my students to lunch.

And before you could say, “I’ve been bitten!” they had polished off the entire contents of that bowl… well, apart from the skeleton, of course.

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