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Pearls of gold

It was the magical ending to a day on the frozen lake:

Pearls of gold

And the deep silence that only snow can bring.

Magical snow copy

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Golden views

All bundled up for a wintry walk.

The sighing of the setting sun

Paints the trees with gold.

Golden copy

A lone skater – on thin ice – whizzes by,

Lone skater

His singing skates echoed

By the honking farewells of the last swans of winter.


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Honey glow

In nature, light is the colour

And when the sun bursts through winter gloom

It makes everything glow –


Even the humble frosted bud

Glowing bud copy

And the honeyed tree,

Shining like a star.

Lone tree

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Festive wood

Christmas Eve is the big day in Sweden – with present opening and feasting.

However, the weather isn’t co-operating this year: no snow, just rain, grey clouds and plus degrees.


So to get into that festive mood, I’m pulling out some photos from my favourite town in Norway: Røros.

It’s a very old mining town full of pretty, wooden houses (and snow in April).

Pretty houses

Many of the houses date back to the 1700s or 1800s and are still lived in today.

They are very well taken care of – although that statue looks a little frightened of the icicles hanging above him!


The tiny huts where the miners lived next to the copper mines

Are now one of the star attractions of the town.

(I know I’ve shown this picture before but it really is one of my favourites.)

Mining huts copy

Wandering through the streets, peeking into secret courtyards,

You might even find Santa’s sleighs…

And with that, I wish you all a wonderfully magical Christmas –

I hope that you give and receive the gifts of love and time.


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Lemon drizzle

One of the delights of having an early frost

Is that you can capture both frost and colour:

This is one of my favourite photos from October.

Frosted delight copy

The lemon tones

Were repeated in this frosted yellow beauty

Frosted yellow

While the late autumn cone flowers

Danced in icy tutus to the music of the wind.

There is a bit of insanity in dancing that does everybody a great deal of good.  ~ Edwin Denby

Frosted cone flowers copy

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Drops of beauty

In nature – as in photography – even the smallest details

Can be a great subject.

Monochrome copy

Take the simple raindrop

As it adorns late autumn plants,

Droplets copy

Turns leaves

Into tiny cups of water

Cups of water

And see how it frames and enhances

A lilac-petalled beauty.

Passion flower copy

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Autumn comes in pink

Autumn  sometimes

Comes wrapped in misty mornings –

And shades of pink.

Autumn is pink

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Zen dawn

An early sunrise –

Blushing with fog;


The blank canvas of dawn

A perfect backdrop for a lone duck.

Misty duck

Autumn foliage,

Warm-stoned church

Remind us that we are all just

Eternal travellers in time.

Misty church

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Ode to autumn

Leaves quietly cover a forest path.

Oscar leads the way…

Leafy Path

Around the bend, we come across the perfection

Of clouds, warm stone church and the flaming torches

Of the trees.

Panorama copy

The churchyard is ablaze with colour;

Leaves crunch underfoot.


The warm red of the priest’s shed

Matches the leaves.

Wooden hut

Time to head home

Under the canopy of a dramatic sky.

Moody tractor

Oscar is more than happy with his walk –

For this is the radiant joy that is autumn.


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Hot pink

I reached for a star …


But missed –


So I’ll just have to make do

With the magnificence

Of the sky instead.

Stunning pink copy

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In the pink

The first frost of the season

Sprinkled the flowers

With pink and ice.

Frosted pink

Silken threads of web

Filled the spaces

Between frozen water drops.

Pink webs

The last rose of the season

Seemed more perfect in

Its imperfection


And dropped a single petal

As a farewell to summer.

Frosted petal copy

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August melody

Come hang with me for a bit on a gorgeous August day…

Let’s go down to the lake – I like to think of it as ‘my backyard’ –

And enjoy the scenery for a while;


Let’s drink in the perfect reflections

Of summer’s fluffy clouds.


As we walk past people’s gardens,

We might discover a bee-autiful surprise.


Then it’s time to dash inside and

Enjoy a summer shower with a butterfly for company.


When it clears up, we can release the butterfly

And our souls

As we sit on a bench to enjoy

A truly magnificent sunset.


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Downy farewells

Feathered thistles…

Thistles 1

Like the soft stars of late summer

Downy stars

Take flight when autumn comes.

Farewell copy

I find a feather next to the thistles,

A keepsake from the geese

Honking in the distance.

Ready to say farewell and welcome in a new season.

Feather copy

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Raindrops on roses

Isn’t it utterly delicious

When it rains?

Raindrops on roses

When you want to burst out into song

And warble, “Raindrops on roses …”

At the top of your voice?

Apricot rose copy

When the drops turn

Crepe-paper thin petals

Into art?

one petal copy

And when petals

Blossom into beautiful hearts?

Heart petal

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Be still, my heart

Creeping out at the crack of dawn

In my dressing gown…

Purple sky copy

Leaves me speechless

When I see the painted swirl

Of the dawn sky.

Purple mist copy

I gaze in wonder for a long time

And take in a deep breath

Of happiness.

Jetty copy

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Lavender dreams

Flowers are happy things

And none more so than lavender.

Lavender bee copy

It’s bright and energetic

Perfuming the air

With its fragrance and colour

And vibrancy.

Lavender 3

Lavender is the colour of summer for me.

What about you?

(Just realized that I’ve passed FIVE years of blogging! Thank you all so much for reading.)

Lavender blur

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Floating away

Choose a golden ray –

Melt into the air

And float away

Like a balloon riding on a sunbeam.

Balloons copy

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(It’s just the anklebiters, the dog and myself on a private island for a few days, so I may be a bit late in visiting you all.)

Playing with light

I love the way you can hold

The summer light in your hands


And pour it over

Wild fields of clover.

Beautiful clover

The light gives a perfect auburn background

For a lone flower in the sunset.

Lovely flower copy

It caresses a tree trunk

With liquid honey

Golden trunk

That spreads out to catch

The glow of a single shining strand

Of beauty.

This is peace. This is love. This is Nature.

Single shining strand

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Summer stillness


That perfection of long summer evenings

And mosquito bites

AB 2 and Oscar

When it never really gets dark

And there is plenty of time

For skimming stones,


For gazing

At the deepening colours in the sky

AB 2 sunset

And for enjoying the still reflection

Of clouds in the water

And peace in the heart.

Clouds in water

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Field of wishes

As I lay on my stomach trying to photograph

The lovely way the dandelions catch the evening light,

I thought to myself:


What do you see?

A weed –

Or wishes?

Blown copy

Suddenly, the wind blew

And the tiny wishes

Floated away, like sparkling fairy dust.


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Sleepless in Stockholm

It’s hard to get sunset or sunrise shots at the moment with only three hours of night.

But a couple of days ago, as I was falling into a deep sleep at ten in the evening,

A loud hissing filled the bedroom. I ignored it.

Balloon 1

Another loud hissing.

So I dashed outside to catch the second balloon on the horizon.

It hung there in stillness

Before swooping down and disappearing.

Balloon 2

All that was left

Was the delicious pink swirl

Of another gloriously light summer evening.

Pink swirl

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Fleeting beauty

There is nothing as joyful

As walking underneath the pink clouds

(Waving gently in the wind)

Of the sakura or Japanese cherry blossoms.

Blur copy

They remind us that life

Is intense and fleeting

Bright copy

As it follows the natural cycles

Of birth and death and renewal.


They flower for such a short time, like us,

And remind us that we too are as beautiful

And transient as a cherry blossom.

Open and shut copy

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Swan light

I do believe

The wings of the swan

Love the light of the setting sun.


Swan sunset copy

“Sometimes I need
only to stand
wherever I am
to be blessed.” — Mary Oliver

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Spring sparkles

It was one of those perfect spring evenings

When the sun made stars out of water

Perfect evening

And Oscar made abstract art

Out of water pearls.


On the way home, I turned around

To see my daughter caught in the fairy glitter

And become one with nature.

Bright light

The setting sun

Threw its golden drops

On grass and woodland flowers

As if to say: Stop. Look. Listen.

And appreciate.

Golden light copy

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