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Softly spring

Spring dances in –

Two steps forward and one step back.

Frosty dawn

Frosted dawns

Give way to soft pink light.

Pink light

Blue skies are serenaded

By blur of wings and trees

Waiting to burst into bud.

Blur of wings

And winter leaves behind

A fragile reminder of its return.

Old leaf copy

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Light, returning

The aria of light returning

Is beautiful music indeed.

Light returning

The windows of my soul I throw
Wide open to the sun.
~John Greenleaf Whittier

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The charms of old houses

I’ve just got back from a business trip to Roros, Norway (my third visit there) –

An old mining town in the mountains that is now a UNESCO world heritage site.

Mining huts

Modern-day inhabitants live in the old mining huts

And houses dating back to the 1600 and 1700s.

Blue skies

A lot of the old houses have been restored

And keep their dark facades –

Giving parts of the village a medieval feel.


People kept telling me how mild winter had been

And that there was a metre less snow than normal.

(Still looks as if they had some decent snowfall though…)

Back of rickety houses

Even pets in the village

Have their own wooden huts.


And look – the kennel even shares another feature of the old houses:

A grass roof!

Fuzzy roof copy

I leave you with a final image –

The optimism of drying clothes outside

In the freezing temperatures.

Surely this is a sign of spring in the mountains of Norway?

Washing line

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Church in the sky

I’m away filming in one of my favourite places on earth:

The charming mountain town of Røros, Norway.

Church swirl copy

Soaring majestically into an always dramatic sky,

The church of stone – built in the late 1700s – stands out

From the simple wooden huts that surround it.

Church view

Built on a hill, the church

Has a marvellous view of the old wooden houses with grassy roofs

And the big open sky.


(Please excuse me if I don’t get around to visiting you – I’m away in this slice of paradise!)

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Crocus, rejoicing

Spring rejoices in the crocus –

Covering her with ice on those cold April mornings.


Spring comes dressed

As a single purple flower;


In a happy group

Of colours;

Happy group copy

Or in a trio

Of petals and shadow and beauty.

Crocus trio copy

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Swan Lake – the frozen version

A while back – before the ice melted on the lake –

Stormy pink clouds attracted my attention.



Among the reflected clouds,

I saw a feathered group of swans,

Enjoying the dawn.

Iced swans

They remained there for a long time,

As if frozen to the ice.

Later on, they were gone

And only their memory – along with the clouds –


Iced clouds

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Small and simple

During my recent trip to England, I had a lovely outing to Clayton Church:

An ancient church mentioned in the Domesday Book (1086).

Clayton Church

The church loomed out of the sunlight

And the old wooden door looked like something out of a film set.

Domesday church copy


The simple yet elegant windows

Looked inviting.


Going around to the back of the church,

I could see the ancient walls

Next to the more modern part to the left.

Old walls

The view from the back

Was stunning too.


Apart from its great age, the church is most famous

For having some of the oldest murals in England,

Painted by monks somewhere between 1080 and 1150.

These remarkable wall paintings were forgotten

And then re-discovered some 700 years later during restoration of the church.

Where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure. — Rumi


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Sunset post

It’s just another post…

(Excuse the pun!)


And a wild purple sunset

Enjoyed by a lone duck

In a storm.

Lone duck

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I’m a big fan of the quirky and the lovely. Here are some interesting sights I saw in England on my trip there last week.

It was surprisingly warm – and this huge magnolia tree was in full bloom

Next to a charming old thatched cottage from about 1550.

Magnolia-cottage copy

I found this pair of bellows on the outside of an old flint cottage, dated circa 1724.


A few doors down, a watchful dog

Keeps an eye on passers-by.

Dog in wall

The faded beauty of an abandoned garage

Caught my eye.

Blue copy

The highlight of the weekend was my father’s birthday -

And a reunion with my family of nuts.

These are my two sisters. (And they call me crazy!)


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Silver spring

Last week, spring was in full bloom

With no ice on the lake

And swimming dogs in the sunset.


Today, it’s the spring equinox

And we celebrate with a silver dawn

And lots of snow.

Silver morning copy

The swans formed a heart

That seemed to be saying:

Don’t complain – just enjoy!

Grey geese

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